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German industrial giant ThyssenKrupp under a cyberattack

ThyssenKrupp, one of the world’s largest steel producers, has experienced a cyberattack, impacting the company’s activities.

While the nature and scope of the attack are yet to be determined, ThyseenKrupp’s Materials Services representative told Cybernews that the company was under attack by ‘presumably an organized crime group.’

"Parts of the Materials Services and Corporate segment are currently affected. The possibility of the other segments and business units being affected can be ruled out at this time," the representative said.

Essen-based ThyssenKrupp operates hundreds of subsidiaries globally, employs nearly 100,000 people, and boasts a yearly revenue of over $30 billion. The company is an integral part of Germany’s automotive industry and produces everything from paint to military submarines.

ThysenKrupp's representatives explained that the company's security teams caught the incident in an early stage, preventing more substantial damage.

"At this point in time, no damage has been done, nor are there any indications that data has been stolen or changed. The responsible authorities are involved," the representative said.

ThyssenKrupp’s size and wealth frequently attract cybercriminals. The company has been targeted numerous times with ransomware and cyberespionage.

The attack against ThyssenKrupp comes less than two months after another Germany’s industrial giant, Continental, suffered from a major ransomware attack.

The LockBit ransomware gang demanded the company pay $50 million for 40TB of stolen data. Continental refused to pay, and the FBI later joined the German investigation of the attack.

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