Giant Tiger customers exposed via third party

Major Canadian discount store chain Giant Tiger has reported that one of its vendors has been hacked, exposing the personal details of the chain’s customers.

One of Giant Tiger‘s vendors, a company used to manage customer communications and engagement, has suffered a cyberattack, which impacted the Canadian discount chain, the company said.

“As a result of the incident, contact information belonging to certain Giant Tiger customers was obtained by an unauthorized party. No payment information or passwords were involved,” the company’s statement shared with Cybernews reads.

The company claims that it has contacted all customers whose data may have been impacted by the cybersecurity incident.

Reportedly, the security incident happened on March 4th. Giant Tiger noted that the security incident only impacted one of its vendors and did not affect the chain’s store systems or applications, saying that “there is no indication of any misuse of the information.”

“Please know that we are doing our utmost to resolve this matter as quickly as possible and in the best interest of our customers, stores, and the over 270 communities across Canada that we proudly serve,” the company said.

Giant Tiger operates over 270 stores across Canada, employing 10,000 staff.

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