Google Assistant launches parental controls and kid-friendly voices

Google is rolling out several new features to help parents control their children’s time and activities online.

“In the coming weeks, through the Google Home, Family Link, and Google Assistant apps on Android and iOS, you can modify media settings, enable or disable certain Assistant functionality and set up downtime for your kids,” Google said.

After selecting your kid’s account, you can choose the music and video providers they can access, restrict them from making phone calls, determine what kind of answers they get from the Assistant, and set time limits for how long they can use their devices.

Google also introduced Kids Dictionary to give simplified and age-appropriate answers across speakers, smart displays, and mobile devices.

Google Assistant will automatically respond with a kid-friendly vocabulary after detecting that it’s a child asking a question.

Google has also developed four new kid-friendly voices “with a diverse range of accents to reflect different communities and ways of speaking.”

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