Interpol arrest cyber-kingpin suspect in Lagos

The suspected head of an international cybercrime ring has been arrested in Nigeria thanks to collaboration between the authorities and private sector, according to an Interpol report.

The man, 37, who was not named, was apprehended by police in Lagos, after an international operation led by the Africa desk of Interpol, dubbed Delilah, which spanned four continents and lasted for a year.

The suspect is alleged to have masterminded mass phishing and social engineering campaigns that targeted businesses and private individuals. Interpol tracked him in partersnip with cybersecurity firms Group-IB, Unit 42, and Trend Micro, pooling information and sharing expertise to trace his movements online.

“The arrest is testament to the perseverance of our international coalition of law enforcement and private-sector partners in combating cybercrime,” said a spokesman for Interpol and the Nigeria Police Force.

“I hope the results of Operation Delilah will stand as a reminder to cybercriminals across the world that law enforcement will continue to pursue them, and that this arrest will bring comfort to victims of the suspect’s alleged campaigns,” he added.

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