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Largest internet outages of 2022 affected millions of users

Downdetector, an online platform providing information about the status of various websites and services, has compiled a list of the 10 largest internet outages in 2022.

None of the outages were as large as the one Meta had experienced in October 2021, when Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram all went down. But the disruptions were still huge, widespread, and affected millions of users worldwide, Downdetector said.

10. TikTok, September

The viral TikTok app is hugely popular all around the globe, but on September 15 users in the US woke up to find the platform down. The issue was resolved in a few hours, although nearly 300,000 users reported issues beforehand.

9. Snapchat, July

Snapchat broke down earlier, on July 12, when the service was unavailable for nearly four hours. It does not seem too long, but 300,000 reports about the outage were sent over to Downdetector.

8. Reddit, April

Now, Reddit might not be the most popular social media platform, but its users are really passionate about it. No surprise then that on April 3, over 300,000 Redditors reported major issues with the website. They lasted for only a couple of hours, though.


7. Call of Duty, August

Call of Duty is hugely popular for its multiplayer feature, but in mid-August, multiple gamers tried to log in without any luck for about four hours. More than 350,000 users reported the issue while they waited for the game to come back online.

6. Twitter, July

Elon Musk’s Twitter has lost thousands of workers after the billionaire acquired the platform, so major disruptions wouldn’t really be a surprise now, with what is a skeleton staff looking after it.

But the big outage took place before all that – on July 14, when over half a million users reported they couldn’t load tweets or scroll through the latest news. The disruption only lasted for an hour, though.

5. Instagram, July

Turns out the very same day, July 14, was a really busy one for more social media companies. A few hours after the Twitter outage, Instagram also went down – 600,000 users reported issues in over three hours.

“People couldn’t access the service or scroll through influencers’ photos, or slide into any DMs,” Downdetector says.

4. Roblox, May

Roblox is one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world but on May 4, Downdetector registered a massive spike in players’ ability to access the game. Over 700,000 reports were sent in, and the issue seemed to linger for some for many hours.

3. Discord, March

Discord, another popular instant audio, video, and text instant messaging social platform, went down on March 8, together with Spotify. The outage lasted two hours, but during this short period over 1,1 million reports were logged. Only voice calls worked for a while.

2. WhatsApp, October

WhatsApp has over 2 billion users, so the furor over the major disruption experienced by customers on October 25 was huge – people suddenly couldn’t send any messages at all, and 2,9 million issues were reported in about two hours.

1. Spotify, March

The biggest outage of them all happened on March 8, as Spotify edged out WhatsApp by about 20,000 reports about the disruption. “Spotify, the popular music streaming portal, had the biggest outage of the year that day, with users unable to stream their favorite music and podcasts for nearly two hours,” Downdetectot said.

The platform also mentions Taylor Swift as a surprising sort of a threat actor in this world of outages. First, she disrupted services on Spotify with the October 21 midnight launch of her new album.

Then later in the year, Ticketmaster became inaccessible on November 15 to would-be concertgoers who sadly missed out on affordable tickets to Swift’s upcoming tour.

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