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Meta rolls out new login system for entering the metaverse

Meta accounts will be your greeting doors to step into the metaverse, with Facebook logins soon becoming a thing of the past.

Although Facebook logins are still widely popular for accessing sites and services beyond Meta’s platforms, the company is planning to step away from its original product.

From August 2022, users will have to create a Meta account and Meta Horizon profile to log into VR devices. Those users who’ve been using their Oculus account to log into a VR device should be able to do so until January 1, 2023. Then, they’ll be obligated to switch to a Meta Horizon profile. Here’s how VP of Oculus (a virtual reality company acquired by Meta) Mark Rabkin describes the novel feature.

“Your Meta account is not a social media profile; it lets you log into your VR devices and view and manage your purchased apps in one place,” the press release explains. “In the future, we’ll extend Meta account functionality so you can use it to log into other Meta devices.”

Your Meta Horizon profile is a familiar social media profile. There, you can customize yourself as a gamer or as a buttoned-up 9-to-5 persona, choose a profile name and an avatar.

You’ll also be able to choose the appropriate privacy settings (these can be later altered): Open to Everyone, Friends and Family, and Solo. Profiles of minors between the ages of 13 and 17 will be set to private by default. Users will be able to link their Meta accounts to Facebook and Instagram.

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