Metro confirms cyberattack

In 2022, a wholesale giant Metro fell victim to a cyberattack, causing IT infrastructure outages.

The cash and carry stores operator has been experiencing a partial IT infrastructure outage of several technical services.

Its investigation confirmed the interruption of services was caused by a cyberattack on the Metro systems. The company has notified relevant authorities about the incident.

“While Metro stores are operating, and services are regularly available, disruptions and delays may occur,” it said on Friday.

Individual stores were forced to set up offline systems to process payments.

“Online orders through the web app and online store are being processed, but delays need to be expected, as well,” Metro said.

The company hasn’t released any update about the incident since Friday.

Headquartered in Düsseldorf, it has nearly 700 stores in 24 countries and 95,000 employees worldwide.

Cyberattacks prove to be a headache to retail companies, causing outages and delays. Recently, the US convenience store chain 7-Eleven had to shut down in Denmark after a cyberattack disabled checkout and payment systems all over the country.

The group, which runs over 170 stores in Denmark, announced that it couldn’t use cash registers and accept payments, suspecting a cyberattack as the primary cause of the disruption.

The article was updated to reflect it was published October 23, 2022.

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