Michelin-starred chef working on “stratospheric dining experience”

If you thought getting a reservation at a nice restaurant on a Friday night was tough, try booking a table at this space capsule.

Alchemist, a restaurant in Copenhagen boasting two Michelin stars and run by celebrity chef Rasmus Munk, has announced it will host the “first stratospheric dining experience,” which will take six lucky passengers about 19 miles, or 30 km, above sea level.

The almost-out-of-this-world experience will cost 3.5M Danish Krone ($500,000) for each passenger. Munk will join the diners aboard the balloon-shaped Spaceship Neptune, described as the world’s “first carbon-neutral space capsule.”

The restaurant said it was “thrilled” to partner with SpaceVIP, a space travel company, and Space Perspective, the firm that built the space balloon.

Spaceship Neptune offers a “safe and accessible six-hour journey to the edge of space,” according to Space Perspective. Those onboard enjoy “unprecedented views of our planet through the largest windows ever flown to space,” it said.

This “space lounge” also has a lavatory and Wi-Fi service. Passengers will enjoy their meal “as they watch the sunrise over the Earth’s curvature,” according to Alchemist, and will be dressed in made-to-measure outfits from the French fashion house Ogier.

“This is gonna be insane,” Munk said in an Instagram post. “I’m so excited to get started and work with some of the leading scientific institutions and designers for this project.”

The restaurant said that all the proceeds from the expedition will go to the Space Prize, which promotes gender equality in science and technology.