Microsoft to provide additional $100m aid package to Ukraine

Microsoft announced the decision to provide Ukraine with additional technology aid of approximately $100 million, bringing the overall support package value to $400 million.

The support is aimed at securing Ukraine’s digital infrastructure, allowing government agencies to continuously provide services through the Microsoft Cloud. This was announced at a joint press conference with Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation in Lisbon, Portugal.

Microsoft has been among the tech giants who stepped in to back Ukraine during Russia’s invasion. According to the press release, the company disbursed digital infrastructure into the public cloud, hence supporting critical Ukrainian services through data centers across Europe.

Microsoft’s report disclosed how vital their assistance has been to Ukraine’s cyber resilience back in June. It also laid out its commitment to help the country counter the aggressor’s coordinated war efforts, including destructive cyberattacks within Ukraine, network penetration and espionage outside Ukraine, and cyber influence operations targeting people around the world.

According to the tech giant, this support held strong even in the face of Russian cruise missile and other kinetic attacks. Overall, this will bring Microsoft’s aid to $400 million since the outbreak of the war in February.

Microsoft will continue to enable technology services to run in the Microsoft Cloud, support state and nonprofit organizations with cybersecurity protection, as well as support international organizations and employees involved in aiding Ukraine.

“We recognize that many people, particularly across Europe, will make sacrifices this winter to support the defense of Ukraine. The war has upended energy markets and disrupted access to food,” Microsoft's Vice Chair and President, Brad Smith.

Smith also expressed hopes that other tech companies will follow with providing additional support not only for Ukraine but “for international stability.”

Previously, Microsoft reported that Russian intelligence agencies had been involved in network penetration and espionage activities against 42 countries outside Ukraine since the war broke out, with 29% of identified attacks being successful.

Microsoft shut down its operations in Russia, laying off hundreds of employees following the Kremlin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

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