Musk's X taken off Twitter roof after San Francisco squabble

The giant X adorning Elon Musks’ high-rise headquarters in San Francisco – formerly known as Twitter – has been taken down after dozens of complaints were lodged against the social media company over safety concerns and the obtrusive glare emanating from the lit-up letter.

It is gone. A giant, glowing X no longer marks the spot on the San Francisco high-rise that is headquarters to Elon Musk's messaging company X, formerly known as Twitter.

The city building department logged 24 complaints after a weekend of the big X, which on Friday was erected on the roof of the company's downtown San Francisco headquarters on Market Street, to the chagrin of neighbors who complained about intrusive lights.

The move followed a post from Musk, the enigmatic billionaire who acquired the company in October for $44 billion, announcing the newly named firm would remain in San Francisco despite what he termed the city's recent "doom spiral, with one company after another left or leaving."

"Beautiful San Francisco, though others forsake you, we will always be your friend," Musk wrote in a post to the city Friday.

But despite Musk's life size love letter to Golden Gate City, the big X didn't stay long.

Here today gone tomorrow

"This morning, building inspectors observed the structure being dismantled," a spokesperson from the city Department of Building Inspection said by email on Monday. "The property owner will be assessed fees for the unpermitted installation of the illuminated structure."

X said the removal was voluntary.

Locals over the weekend recorded video of the giant X glowing, pulsing and strobing, with some criticizing its intrusive lights.

"I'm just astounded at the flagrant lack of consideration for anyone ever," wrote X user @DollyMarlowe.

X user @itsmefrenchy123 had posted Friday they would be "LIVID" over the bright logo, imagining it "right across from your bedroom."

More than satisfied with the outcome, the self-proclaimed Musk hater posted a picture of the building sans the X structure Monday afternoon, stating, "It’s gone. love wins."

Over the weekend a Department of Building Inspection inspector wrote in a report that company representatives denied roof access, twice, to city officials seeking to inspect the logo.

The inspector noted one representative said the sign was temporary.

“It is important for more people to come to work in San Francisco or the rest of the city can’t survive," Musk posted to his X followers Monday in the wake of the removal.

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