NASA to host live event on AI tools and advancing space program

NASA's top brass will host a staff town hall on Wednesday to discuss how the agency is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to advance its space program and related research projects.

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) head administrator, Bill Nelson, and Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy will lead the 1:00 p.m. EDT event, which will be streamed live on NASA+, NASA TV, and the agency website.

The Artificial Intelligence Town Hall will spotlight several key NASA experts at the forefront of AI innovation within the agency, including its most recent joiner Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer David Salvagnini.

Salvagnini was appointed to the newly created position, a first for NASA, on May 13th, a bump up from his former role as chief data officer.

Other panel members will include NASA Chief Technologist A.C. Charania, NASA Chief Information Officer Jeff Seaton, and NASA Chief Scientist Kate Calvin.

NASA employs a wide array of AI tools that benefit humanity by not only supporting missions and research projects but also analyzing data to uncover trends and developing systems that can autonomously support agency spacecraft.

The agency said the event will support NASA’s continuous refinement of how it leverages emerging AI technologies for various missions.

These efforts include analyzing Earth science imagery to pinpoint areas of interest, searching for data on planets beyond our solar system using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, and managing communications from the Perseverance Mars rover via the Deep Space Network.

NASA said it has been incorporating AI tools into its program for decades to help with planning, diagnosing, and detecting anomalies for planetary rovers, as well as for automating time-consuming processes such as program and project reviews.

The agency said it also facilitates AI machine learning to train NASA computers to assist with classifications, predictions, and uncovering similarities or trends across large datasets.

Cybernews will follow the event.