Piilopuoti dark web drug marketplace taken down

Piilopuoti, a dark web marketplace specializing in the illicit sale of drugs, has been taken down by Finnish law enforcement, Europol announced.

Popular dark web marketplace Piilopuoti has been taken down, with authorities seizing its servers and contents. The website’s users are greeted with a “This domain has been seized” note.

“Drugs and other illegal commodities were sold in large quantities on this Finnish-language platform which had been operating on the Onion Router (Tor) network since May 2022,” Europol said in a statement.

Piilopuoti seized
Image by Europol.

The marketplace was taken down after a coordinated action between Finnish, German, and Lithuanian authorities.

According to the Finnish Customs (Tulli), the Finnish-language website has been operational since May 18th, 2022. The narcotics sold on the website were smuggled to Finland from abroad, authorities said.

Translated from Finnish, the name of the marketplace means “the hidden shop.”

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