Pro-Russian hackers blamed for a cyberattack on Norway’s data network

A cyberattack on large private and public institutions in Norway is likely attributed to a criminal pro-Russian group, according to Director General of the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM.)

The distributed-denial-of-service (DDOS) attack targeted a secure national data network, affecting a range of private and public institutions.

Sofie Nystrøm, NSM’s Director General, claimed that a pro-Russian hacker group seems to be behind the attack. It currently looks like no significant damage was done, with “no sensitive information taken.”

Among the affected websites was the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority’s website, which was down on Wednesday due to the attack. Other organizations that fell victim to the attack were not named.

“We have seen similar attacks in other countries recently, but none of these have reported lasting consequences. The attacks will still be able to create uncertainty in the population, and give the impression that we are a piece in the current political situation in Europe,” Nystrøm said in a statement.

Earlier in May, NSM requested Norwegian companies to prepare for DDOS attacks.

Russia has previously threatened Norway with “retaliatory measures” for blocking access to the Svalbard archipelago.

“We indicated that unfriendly actions against Russia will inevitably lead to appropriate retaliatory measures,” the Russian foreign ministry said.

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