Reddit down for thousands of users

The popular social media and discussion platform Reddit was reported offline for thousands of users Tuesday.

After going offline for over six hours, Reddit said on Twitter that it was back up and running as of 8:41pm EST.

"Resolved: Alright, things are back in order. We're peeling [sic] a lot better now! Thanks for your patience," the tweet said, in an off-kilter pun referencing earlier attempts to keep disgruntled users amused during the outage with banana memes.

Almost 70,000 users in the US were affected at the height of the outage according to the tracking site Downdectector.

Reddit tweeted, just after 7pm EST, that it had fixed the problem and was slowly coming back online, but at that time at least 20,000 users in the US were still reporting issues, with thousands more in the UK and Canada.

Most users started reporting problems with the app and website just before 3pm EST on Tuesday afternoon

According to RedditStatus on Twitter, the social media company announced it was offline at 3:18 pm EST.

The platform said the incident affected its core website, including its desktop web, mobile web, and native mobile apps.

About 55% of users reported issues with the website, 33% with the app, and 12% with the server connection, Downdetector revealed.

About a half hour later Reddit tweeted it had identified “an internal systems issue" adding it was "working to determine a fix.”

A Twitter update two hours later (5:43 pm EST) indicated Reddit had found a fix, but said it would take time to implement.

Randomly, trying to entertain users, the company kept referencing bananas in the tweets and asking what users were doing in the meantime. Not everyone was amused.

Thousands of users across the globe, including in Belgium, Sweden, France, Chile, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia, were still reporting outages at the time of publishing the initial article, according to Downdector.

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