Samsung washing machine jingle steals money from YouTuber

A popular YouTuber and streamer known as Albino was left furious after his video received a copyright claim due to a Samsung washing machine jingle, but it wasn’t Samsung that copyrighted the sound.

Albino took to X to rant about the abuse of YouTube’s copyright policies after his six-hour-long stream of Fallout New Vegas got demonetized all because of a Samsung washing machine melody.

The jingle was posted to YouTube under the name ‘Done’ by Audego. The user Audego uploaded the sound and put it under Content ID, making it look like copyrighted content.

The streamer took to X to ask Team YouTube what they would do about the issue.

Albino said:

“Hi TeamYouTube, a guy recorded his washing machine and used it to claim monetization on my video, this is the most egregious example of the MANY outright fraudulent content ID claims I've gotten over the years. Are you guys doing anything to prevent this? It's completely out of hand.”

The streamer was so enraged by this washing machine melody fiasco that he didn’t realize he had repeated the word “and” twice during his rant.

YouTube responded to Albino, saying:

“We understand how important it is for you. From your vid, it looks like you've recently submitted a dispute. When you dispute a Content ID claim, the person who claimed your video (the claimant) is notified & they have 30 days to respond.”

This exchange seemed to infuriate Albino further until he responded:

"Just wait for the person blatantly stealing copyrighted material to respond." Ah, okay, yes, I'm sure they did this in good faith and will make the correct call, though it would be a shame if they simply clicked "reject dispute," took all the ad revenue money, and forced me to risk having my channel terminated to appeal it!! XDxXDdxD!! thanks, team youtube!

This story was first spotted by Ars Technica. The copyright owner rejected the dispute and reaffirmed their Content ID claim to Albino’s video. However, YouTube responded by stating that the copyright claim was invalid and had been released.