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Scottish Association for Mental Health hit by ransomware

Scottish Association for Mental Health ( SAMH) has been a victim of a ‘sophisticated and criminal cybersecurity attack.’

“We are devastated by this attack. It is difficult to understand why anyone would deliberately try to disrupt the work of an organization that is relied on by people at their most vulnerable," Billy Watson, Chief Executive at SAMH, said in a statement.

SAMH first reported the incident last Friday, saying it affected colleagues’ ability to receive and respond to emails across our national and local service locations. Some of their national phone lines were also affected.

“We are working closely with various agencies including Police Scotland - this is an active investigation. We will continue to take the best expert advice to assist us in effectively dealing with this situation,” Watson said on Monday.

Recently, the RansomEXX ransomware gang added SAMH on its victim list.

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