Snapchat users say the new “dangerous” Ghost Trails feature might be used for stalking

Snapchat has released a package of features available to paid subscribers, but users complain that one of them, Ghost Trails, could be very dangerous if misused.

The new subscription package includes some of the platform’s experimental features, such as pinning one of the friends as “BFF,” seeing how many users have rewatched your stories, and having a special badge.

With Ghost Trails, however, things are quite different. It allows you to see where your friends have been over the past 24 hours, as well as records their movement and route, making it publicly available to subscription-paying friends. The feature only works if your friends have set their location as visible to you.

You should be able to clean your Trail by “toggling Ghost mode on, then off in your Snap Map Settings,” which will make you disable your location data altogether.

Users went on Twitter to call the feature “dangerous” and “creepy.” Some argue that it encourages stalking, while others – that there is nothing it can be used for other than actions with “malicious intent.”

Snapchat has not commented on the users’ concerns to date.

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