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Surfshark adds new cutting-edge solution to its VPN service

Cybersecurity company Surfshark said it is adding Nexus software-defined networking (SDN) technology to its VPN service for a more secure and private user experience.

SDN is a unique solution in the consumer VPN industry, connecting users to not only one server but an entire network of servers and then routing them to a chosen location. Surfshark Nexus will help to optimize user traffic to be faster, more stable, increasingly secure, and private.

“Each traditional consumer VPN functions more like a list of separate virtual private servers and not a network. Knowing this, we put our minds and resources into creating a solution that would put N (network) into a VPN. By introducing Surfshark Nexus, we will be able to greatly improve users’ online privacy and revolutionize the consumer VPN industry,” Donatas Budvytis, the CTO of Surfshark, is quoted in a press release.

The Nexus adds more privacy to its users by pooling them up in the entire network and not only specific servers. The solution has a rotating IP feature that changes the exit IP addresses every 5 to 10 minutes without disconnecting the user from the VPN.

Surfshark said that all features will be rolled out before 2023 and will become available to anyone using Surfshark VPN.

“Firstly, it improves one’s privacy and security by continuously changing user IP addresses and connecting to different servers without disconnecting the user from Surfshark VPN. Secondly, it enables easier network maintenance as the users will no longer lose their connectivity due to server upgrades. Finally, Nexus opens up opportunities to develop new features such as an IP randomizer that can provide the user with multiple IP addresses to use simultaneously,” Budvytis said.

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prefix 11 months ago
Informative comparison between surf shark and nord. Would you review and comment about Proton VPN services, security and privacy. Thanks
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