The Onion satirizes the ScarJo and OpenAI drama, and it’s hilarious

The Onion, a popular satirical fake news outlet, published an article claiming that a deepfake video of Scarlett Johansson has surfaced online. The video shows Johansson squashing her beef with OpenAI. Oh, and she has seven fingers.

The video in question shows a “jerky, fingered Scarlett Johansson” expressing her “full-fledged approval of OpenAI,” The Onion wrote.

The article written by the news outlet is titled “Jerky, 7-Fingered Scarlett Johansson Appears In Video To Express Full-Fledged Approval Of OpenAI.”

In the so-called “video”, the actor exclaims, “It is me, Scar Johnson, to express to the internet that everything about OpenAI is a-okay to me, thank you.”

Scarlett Johansson's speech is shaky. She often stutters and pauses to “give several three-foot-long thumbs-ups.”

The actor explains that OpenAI has “all legal rights over her name, image, and likeness,” ScarJo supports “Sam Altman” one hundred percent.

“I 100% support what the team and Sam Altoid are d-d-d-d-d-doing in their company by making my voice into things. Thank you for the ERROR ERROR ERROR.”

After she addresses the drama, ScarJo supposedly morphs into a banister she placed on her hand.

Although none of this is true, it’s a hilarious, satirical take on the absurdity of the OpenAI and Scarlett Johanson drama.

A drama that may seem so trivial but could potentially have far-reaching, negative implications.

ScarJo vs. OpenAI

The issues started when one of OpenAI’s voices (Sky) surfaced after many months of development.

The public, friends of the actor, and even her family members began to notice that the voice sounded eerily similar to Johansson’s.

To further intensify speculation, Sam Altman posted a tweet on X with a single word, “Her.”

Some theorize that this comment is about the movie ‘Her,’ which depicts a character who falls in love with the chatbot Samantha.

How does this relate to Scarlett Johansson? Well, she voices Samantha in the film.

When Johansson learned of the voice, she was “shocked, angered, and in disbelief” that Altman would use her likeness without her consent.

But it doesn’t end there. Altman had allegedly approached the actor and asked whether she would license her voice for OpenAI’s GPT-4o system.

The actor cites personal reasons why she declined to participate in the project, and nine months later, her family, friends, and the public would comment on how much the new system “Sky” sounded like Johansson.

Allegedly, a few days before the system was released, Altman contacted Johansson’s agent, asking them to “reconsider” despite the system already being “out there.”

The actor claims that she was “forced to hire legal counsel,” and the voice of Sky was subsequently removed.

The Onion appears to be jovially poking fun at the feud, highlighting the laughable nature of the drama.