Digital parents go viral on TikTok’s sister app Douyin

A Chinese couple has taken to TikTok’s sister app, Douyin, to act out fictional familial scenes to show love and affection to their viewers.

The digital parents, Jiang Xiuping and her husband, Pan Huqian, have been creating content designed to support those looking for familial love online.

The Douyin account ‘Share daily life with daughter’ has a fanbase of just over 1 million people who want to connect with their digital parents.

Their videos are shot from the point of view of a child, daughter, or son while they provide words of encouragement.

The electronic parent’s most liked video is captioned, “Son! It’s not easy these days. My little adult has been working hard. Come home and take a look,” with the hashtag “accompanying you through the long years.”

Their videos depict common family scenes, such as a family sharing a meal. The couple filmed a range of different content that aims to comfort Douyin users. One video is filmed from the perspective of a young child as “their parents” take them out shopping.

The comments on their videos show how much their content is appreciated, with one comment reading, “Now I understand why some children are so attached to home,” and “People who feel indifferent or embarrassed after watching this must have a good family environment.”

Despite having a daughter of their own, who often helps them create their content, the couple continues to post uplifting videos to support people thousands of people they’ve never met before.

The account has been created to supposedly comfort hoards of adolescents who are searching for support from a family member, Rest of the World, who first reported the story, said.

According to the news outlet, a lot of young people in China don’t appear to have support from their parents. Many in rural China are raised by their grandparents while their parents go to work in larger cities, and the preference for male children means that many young girls often face discrimination.