TikTok introduces new creator rewards program

Creators who are making money on TikTok will now be compensated based on how well their content meets what other users are searching for – among other things.

TikTok has launched its new Creator Rewards program, which the company says incentivizes users to produce search-optimized, high-quality, and original content.

According to TikTok, creators are rewarded based on four key metrics – originality, play duration, search value, and audience engagement – under its new monetization program.

Plus, a new Search Insights tool is now available – it provides data on trending search topics and helps users create content that meets TikTok’s requirements for “search value.” This is essentially TikTok’s version of search engine optimization.

“Content that aligns with in-demand search topics increases its value for searchers. To find inspiration for content that resonates with audiences on TikTok, creators can use the recently announced Creator Search Insights tool to better understand what topics are popular in Search,” TikTok said in a press release.

“With these insights, creators can source inspiration for their content, tailor their creative strategies to meet audience interests, and create content that people want to see more of.”

This quite specific emphasis on search query-related content could signal that TikTok is more seriously thinking of itself as a search engine.

An Adobe report found in January that forty percent of users in the US use the platform for that purpose. What’s more, one in ten Gen Z users were more likely to use TikTok than the mighty Google.

“Americans are redefining their relationship with search engines, with TikTok emerging as an unexpected contender,” Adobe said, and TikTok is clearly attempting to become one of the leaders in the category.

The revamped creator monetization program is replacing the original $1 billion creator fund, introduced in 2020 and ended late last year, with a new focus on videos longer than one minute.

“We first introduced longer videos in 2022, and since then, interest in longer-form storytelling has only grown. So much so that the TikTok community now spends 50% of their time on TikTok watching videos longer than one minute,” said TikTok.

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