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Twitter down for thousands of users worldwide

Thousands of users reported having issues with Twitter, data from outage tracking website Downdetector.com shows.

At the time of publishing, close to 30,000 users reported having issues with the social network. The data indicates the number of people who reported the problem with the outage tracking website Downdetector.

According to Reuters, users in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, and Italy also reported Twitter was not working. It was not immediately clear what caused the outage.

One of the largest social media outages in recent memory occurred when Meta's main social media site Facebook, popular photo-sharing platform Instagram and messaging app WhatsApp were down for tens of thousands of users.

Researchers later found out the six-hour-long outage was caused by someone at Facebook sending a shoddy update. A likely misguided network configuration update removed Facebook's BGP route, causing an outage and affecting billions worldwide.

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