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World's tweeting wrong Liz Truss

Liz Trussel uses the @Liztruss handle on Twitter, while Britain's newly appointed prime minister, Liz Truss, is tweeting from an arguably inferior @trussliz. Even Sweden's prime minister mixed up the two.

A woman named Liz Trussel is having a moment on Twitter, as users are tweeting to congratulate her for – or bemoan – the fact she has just been announced Britain's next prime minister. Trussel was not. She just owns a Twitter handle the person appointed for the job, Liz Truss, wished she would.

Trussel's Twitter feed shows people have occasionally been mistaking her for Truss for years, but it was immediately after the British leadership contest was over that all hell broke loose.

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has been among those who congratulated the wrong Liz. Andersson swiftly deleted her tweet but not before Trussel responded, cheekily, to "get the meatballs ready" as she was "looking forward to a visit soon!"

It was not all roses, and Liz Truss was probably happy to escape some of the scathing comments that went to her namesake instead. British MP Caroline Lucas tweeted @Liztruss that "she's campaigned as a right wing ideologue & will govern as such – which is a disaster for all of us."

Lucas soon realized her mistake, but instead of deleting the tweet, she apologized to Trussel for misidentifying her as Britain's next prime minister. "Tho frankly she'd probably make a better job of it," Lucas added.

This was the sentiment many others shared – now deliberately tweeting Trussel to tell her just that. One Twitter user said she looked "like an absolute hun" and should serve as Britain's next prime minister instead of Truss.

Another user agreed, arguing Queen Elizabeth should "accidentally" appoint Trussel as prime minister. She replied: "Yes!!!!!! Me & Queen Liz would deffo be besties".

Others said she should at least be invited for tea with a queen for being such a good sport. Trussel agreed.

Having already professed her love for the "queeny," she, naturally, had only one thing to say in reply: "Looking forward to meeting the corgis."

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