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Yandex fined for June’s data leak

A Moscow court has fined Yandex Educational Technologies 60,000 rubles ($950) for the data leak that occurred in June 2022.

In mid-June, the "Information Leaks" channel on Telegram wrote that a threat actor had leaked at least 300,000 records of Yandex Practicum clients, including full names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

Yandex Practicum offers IT, design, management, marketing, and other courses. The customer database was allegedly distributed online for free.

"We have conducted a detailed audit of security systems and tightened the data storage policy in the service. It is important to note that due to this incident, no payment data or passwords of our users were compromised," news agency Interfax quoted Yandex as saying.

According to the digital rights non-profit Roskomsvoboda, this is not the first time Yandex has been fined for data leaks this year.

"Users continue to suffer: calls from unknown numbers become more frequent, spam emails, etc. How are users compensated for the damage? No way. Of course, there is no talk of restoring justice (the main principle of law)," Roskomsvoboda lawyer Evgeny Kravchenko said.

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