YouTube is working on an AI chatbot that will discuss videos

YouTube is testing an AI tool that will respond to questions, offer video recommendations, and help to better understand content.

According to YouTube, the AI chatbot will be able to answer viewers’ questions about the video they’re watching and recommend related content without interrupting playback.

For learning content on YouTube, the tool will be able to provide deeper knowledge by answering questions and giving quizzes.

The new AI feature is currently available for a small number of users with Premium accounts in the US and Android devices that chose to opt-in to the experiment on YouTube’s “New” section.

The AI chatbot comes with another AI feature that YouTube is currently testing – organizing comments into topics.

“We’re experimenting with AI that organizes large comment sections of long-form videos into easily digestible themes,” wrote a YouTube community manager in the announcement.

Users can tap “Sort by Topics” in the comment section under the video. This feature might make it easier to hop into an extensive discussion and allow video creators to quickly respond to comments. So far, the feature is available only for English videos and Premium users who opt-in for testing.