Florida man picks a fight with "spy" drone, discovers it's a Walmart delivery

We are being spied on, from big tech companies profiling us to big shopping malls installing facial recognition cameras and governments unleashing sophisticated spyware on their citizens. In this light, is it surprising that a 72-year-old Florida man thought a Walmart delivery drone was surveilling him and decided to do something about it?

The Lake County Sheriff's Office received a complaint about a Walmart delivery drone being shot in the Clermont area on 26th June.

"A bullet hole was discovered in the payload the drone was carrying," law enforcement said.

While the suspect wasn't caught red-handed, witnesses had no trouble identifying him and pointed the officers to where the shooter lived.

Dennis Winn, a 72-year-old, admitted to shooting the drone once with a 9mm pistol.

"He was taken into custody and charged with Shooting at an aircraft, Criminal mischief damage over $1,000, and Discharging a firearm in public or residential property," the police noted.

As per Fox 35 Orlando, a media outlet that first covered the news, the suspect said "he had experiences with drones flying over his home and believed it was watching him."

Quite a few netizens sided up with Winn, raising questions about why drones would fly over private properties.

"Walmart or any other company should not fly over private property," one user said on Facebook.

Many expressed surprise that Walmart does deliver packages using drones.

"Wait. Walmart delivers with drones? News to me," one user commented.

Walmart expanded its drone delivery to Florida in December 2022.

"We're building on our momentum with the largest drone delivery footprint of any U.S. retailer," the company said in January when it announced another expansion, this time to the entire Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

Drones operated by on-demand drone delivery providers Wing and Zipline are equipped with cameras to "assist with navigation and help ensure the safety of the operations."

Walmart has been trialing drone delivery for over two years now, and it says it has completed over 20,000 safe deliveries.