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Best Threat Intelligence Solutions

In a world where data has become a currency for cyber felons, threat intelligence solutions are a must. They collect and analyze data in order to comprehend cyber threats, letting you make better security decisions.

But that’s not all – threat intelligence enables us to notice and deal with cyberattacks much faster. This guarantees high threat prevention rates, limiting their chances of disrupting your business processes.

If you already have a dedicated security team, a threat intelligence platform is a great way to upgrade your current cybersecurity posture. And if you need a helping hand or two, managed security services may be the optimal solution.

Yet, the threat intelligence market is filled with providers claiming to be number one. But which ones are truly worth your trust? To help you answer this, we made a list of the best threat intelligence solutions out there.

Best threat intelligence solutions: detailed list

As various threat intelligence solutions are being advertised on the Internet, choosing the right one for you can be a tough nut to crack. Managed services, all-in-one platforms – there are many options to pick from. Below you'll find our recommendations of the best threat intelligence solutions. So let's jump right in.

Heimdal Security

Heimdal Security website
ServicesThreat prevention, access management, patch management, ransomware encryption protection, next-gen AV, email security, EDR, XDR, remote desktop software
ResourcesEducational articles, educational videos, data sheets, eBooks, case studies, whitepapers, webinars, cybersecurity glossary
Free trialYes

Ransomware, viruses, email compromise, fraud – you name it, Heimdal Security can stop it. And knowing that cybersecurity can become overwhelming for both companies and individuals, the provider offers burden-free cybersecurity solutions.

With a single platform, you’ll be able to secure yourself from virtually every corner. This includes threat prevention, detection, response, compliance, and other convenient security measures. No more tiptoeing hoping you won’t get attacked – Heimdal Security has got your back.

But if you’re not very familiar with the cyber threat world, don’t worry! Heimdal Security offers a wide range of information sources – data sheets, case studies, whitepapers, webinars, and even a small cybersecurity-related dictionary.


Cyble website
ServicesThreat detection, prevention, incident response, threat analysis, vulnerability management
ResourcesBlog, case studies, research reports, media and press releases
Free trialYes (demo)

Looking for a cyber threat management solution? Cyble’s threat intelligence goes beyond arm's reach – they gather information within the Dark Web, Deep Web, and Surface Web. This ensures companies get real-time visibility into all vulnerabilities.

Organizations that require high-security standards or deal with sensitive information will find Cyble an ideal security measure. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time threat intelligence to identify threats. With it, you’ll be able to minimize threat impact and find recovery solutions in no time.

If you wish to find out whether you’ve ever been breached, Cyble has a tool for that on their website. The best part? It’s free! And for those in need of informational resources – you can subscribe to their newsletter, and read their blog, press releases, or research reports.

Hudson Rock

Hudson Rock company
ServicesEnd-user and infrastructure protection, supply chain assessment, asset discovery
ResourcesEducational articles, FAQ
Free trialYes (demo)

With expertise developed at the cybercrime intelligence division at the prestigious 8200 cyber unit at the IDF, Hudson Rock’s powerful cybercrime threat intelligence feed provides invaluable data for infrastructure protection, end-user protection, and supply chain risk assessment.

Cavalier – Hudson Rock’s monitoring and notification platform (and API) for threat intelligence professionals – notifies SOC teams about employees, customers, partners, and third parties that had their computers compromised through global malware spreading campaigns.

With very sensitive and actionable data sourced from threat actors in closed hacking circles, Cavalier’s database of millions of compromised machines helps organizations combat ransomware and other cyberattacks.

Hudson Rock also offers a great sales prospecting tool for cybersecurity sales teams called Bayonet. Free Trials for Cavalier and Bayonet, as well as a free preview version of their robust cybercrime API are available at HudsonRock.com.

CFLW Cyber Strategies

ServicesReal-time dark web monitoring
ResourcesNews, publications, projects
Free trialYes

Are you looking for a secure solution to detect all suspicious activities and infrastructures on the dark web? CFLW Cyber ​​Strategies offers this solution for you. The provider offers real-time access to original and raw data about criminal and fraudulent activities on the dark web: Dark Web Monitor (DWM).

CFLW's dark web monitoring services are designed primarily with law enforcement and other security professionals in mind. Due to its infrastructure-focused approach, the service includes the Dark Web Address Book which supports the Google of the Dark Web. As a result, DWM is much less intrusive than alternative dark web monitoring solutions that primarily target individual suspects or specific markets only.

Finally, DWM is very transparent to its customers, which makes the service perfectly suited for law enforcement. One will even have access to their source code for judicial review or forensic assurance.


ThreatQuotient website
ServicesThreat intelligence management, threat hunting, incident response, spear phishing, alert triage, vulnerability management
ResourcesEducational articles, blog, webinars, data sheets, whitepapers, news
Free trialYes

Those in need of top-notch protection from cybercriminals shouldn’t scroll past ThreatQuotient – its threat intelligence platform is just what you need. No more dealing with the consequences of annoying cyberattacks as ThreatQuotient will help detect and stop them.

Its effectiveness lies in combining data sources, tools, and team collaboration. This way, security operations become more efficient and data-driven. ThreatQuotient ensures successful threat detection, hunting, incident response, and vulnerability management.

But that’s not all – ThreatQuotient offers many free resources for learning about threat intelligence solutions. Whether it’s extensive educational articles, a blog, webinars, data sheets, news – you can make use of any of it.


Semperis website
ServicesThreat monitoring, detection, response, recovery
ResourcesWebinars, case studies, whitepapers, videos, blog
Free trialYes (demo)

As cyber felons use difficult times in the world to exploit business vulnerabilities, Semperis provides solutions to stop it. With its threat intelligence platform, you can be sure of a threat-proof experience.

Directory Services Protector – that’s what Semperis is about. A tool for detecting and responding to potential and identified threats, it minimizes the threat landscape. No more third parties snooping around – you’re the one in control of your company.

And even if you were already attacked, Semperis will help you recover much faster. With its Active Directory Recovery tool, you’ll have an automated recovery process with zero maintenance and backup integrity. Whatever is your case – Semperis can help you protect what’s yours.


GroupSense website
ServicesDark web monitoring, brand protection and monitoring, executive protection, ransomware readiness
ResourcesPodcast, webinar
Free trialNo

There’s a popular saying when it comes to cyberattacks – it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” they occur. And when they do, GroupSense threat intelligence can help your organization prepare and respond, instead of reacting to an attack..

The company specializes in digital risk protection – whether it’s fraud, ransomware, or other threats, your brand is kept safe. With next-level cybersecurity measures to fight cybercriminals, you’ll be able to protect your attack surfaces and organizational assets in blacklists.

GroupSense even offers election threat protection, securing from cyberattacks, disinformation, and physical threats. Having that in mind, it’s evident the company’s protection rates are worth investing in.

Ensign InfoSecurity

Ensign InfoSecurity website
ServicesCybersecurity consultations, systems integration, managed security services
ResourcesNews, analysis, webinars
Free trialNo

The threat landscape is ever-evolving, and so is Ensign InfoSecurity. The company offers security solutions to improve your business’s cybersecurity posture.

And what better way to do that than to provide you with managed security services driven by threat intelligence and artificial intelligence. Businesses that have adopted the hybrid work environment can make use of real-time network, systems, and data monitoring.

Ensign InfoSecurity provides end-to-end cybersecurity services, with core competencies in cybersecurity consultation services, architecture design, and systems integration services, as well as managed security services for advanced threat detection, threat hunting, and incident response. Underpinning these competencies are patented models and an innovative approach developed by its in-house R&D unit.

The company understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution and helps find the right fit for you.


Cysiv website
ServicesThreat detection and response, SOC-as-a-service
ResourcesReports, infographics, case studies, data sheets, webinars, whitepapers, videos
Free trialYes (demo)

If threat resilience, security, efficiency, and compliance are what your company needs, you can turn to Cysiv. Providing a SOC-as-a-service model, it’s a great choice for those who want to leave cybersecurity to experts.

Threat researchers, security analysts, engineers, and more – Cysiv offers a well-rounded team of specialists to investigate threats. This means that false positives will be weeded out, and threats will be detected, hunted, and responded to.

Speed and accuracy are what’s important when dealing with cyber threats, and Cysiv ensures just that. Effective and affordable, Cysiv lets your company focus on what’s crucial and leave the security aspect in the hands of specialists.

Stellar Cyber

Stellar Cyber website
ServicesThreat detection and response
ResourcesBlogs, case studies, data sheets, events, podcasts, webinars, whitepapers
Free trialYes (demo)

Stellar Cyber provides services that are all about high-speed and high-fidelity, which is everything a company needs when fighting cyber infections.

Its Open XDR platform consists of several security solutions in one place. Automated threat hunting, automated response, threat intelligence – all that and more under a single license. Not to mention that the platform simplifies the security stack to ensure higher threat detection and response levels.

And because of its fast response to threats and an intuitive interface, Stellar Cyber is an outstanding solution for improving your cybersecurity stance.

Deceptive Bytes

Deceptive Bytes website
ServicesThreat prevention by deception and threat response
ResourcesVideos, blog
Free trialYes

One service to fight it all – Deceptive Bytes can prevent ransomware, spyware, trojans, zero-day attacks, and many other threats. And with very-high detection and low false-positive rates, it’s everything your cybersecurity posture needs.

Deceptive Bytes provides an endpoint-centric prevention platform that prevents unknown and sophisticated threats in real time. But don’t worry – it guarantees low resource consumption, which indicates no visible performance effects.

The platform’s success lies in deceptiveness – as Deceptive Bytes states, “beating the bad guys in their own game,” or tricking the criminal. And if you want to see what it’s all about yourself, you can claim their free trial by contacting them on their website!


TeamT5 website
ServicesThreat monitoring, detection, and response
ResourcesNews and events, blog
Free trialYes (demo)

With a vast team of experts, TeamT5 provides a cybersecurity defense and threat hunting platform. Easy-to-navigate, advanced, and automated, with it, you secure yourself not only from APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) but from targeted ransomware as well.

TeamT5 threat hunting tool monitors endpoints in real time. The platform is threat intelligence-driven and can execute incidents effectively. Their AI-powered engine can detect and stop malware, while a ransomware attack is automatically blocked in the first place.

Speaking of ransomware attacks, enterprise backups are also protected – preventing threats from destroying them. So if you’re in need of a flexible solution that is easy to deploy, ThreatSonar is all that and more.


HYAS website
ServicesThreat detection, response, threat intelligence
ResourcesData sheets, case studies, whitepapers, videos, solution briefs, industry reports, webinars, HYAS insight API, HYAS protect API
Free trialYes (demo)

With a focus to help companies better their cybersecurity posture, HYAS offers a wide range of products. The goal? To stop cyberattacks before they have a chance to do damage.

For this, the provider offers HYAS Protect – cybersecurity services that use machine learning to protect your company in real time. And if fraud is what you’re worried about, HYAS Insight software investigations will help locate the sources of attacks using threat intelligence.

Meanwhile, the HYAS Confront product will help you get rid of vulnerable spots by continuous monitoring of your network. Whatever protection you need – HYAS can be the way to go.


ServicesNetwork detection and response, IT and OT network security
ResourcesCase studies, blog, data sheets, webinars, partner portal, documentation
Free trialYes (demo)

If you're looking for a network security monitoring solution that can keep your IT and/or OT networks safe and secure from any malicious activities, then look no further than GREYCORTEX Mendel. This powerful NDR (Network Detection and Response) solution combines advanced detection methods to analyze network traffic and alert you on any common or unknown advanced threats, as well as any network operational issues that may arise.

But that's not all. GREYCORTEX Mendel also provides unique visibility into network communications at the user, device, and application levels. This means that systems analysts and network administrators can quickly and efficiently resolve any security or operational incidents that may occur.

So if you want a network security monitoring solution that you can trust to keep your systems safe and secure, check out GREYCORTEX Mendel.


BluSapphire website
ServicesThreat detection, response, remediation, and protection
ResourcesBlog, videos, data sheets, insights, knowledge base
Free trialYes (demo)

BluSapphire is a threat protection platform that ensures you never have to deal with the consequences of cyberattacks again. With a single platform, you’re loaded with cybersecurity solutions.

With BluSapphire, you’ll achieve cybersecurity compliance in no time. And the BluSapphire Elite will deal with the entire incident lifecycle management – threat detection, response, and remediation. Using threat intelligence, not only existing attacks but zero-day threats as well will be stopped before they ever happen.

You can easily schedule a demo if you wish to see it for yourself. To get around faster, the company’s knowledge base and videos will help you out. Overall, a seamless platform with robust security levels, BluSapphire is a great fit for companies of all sizes.

Cyber Defense Labs

Cyber Defense Labs website
ServicesManaged security services, advisory services
ResourcesNews and insights, blogs, case studies, events, podcast, press release
Free trialNo

Cyber Defense Labs is for those who want to focus on what they do best and leave the rest for experts. With cybersecurity services with various experts, the company ensures the security posture of your business doesn’t suffer.

With the help of their managed services, you won’t have to worry about cybersecurity. Experts will work 24/7 to detect, investigate, and respond to any threats. The provider also offers advisory services to successfully improve your organization’s cybersecurity program.

So if continuous support is what you need, the partner-focused Cyber Defense Labs will help you limit cyber risks and avoid business disruption.

onShore Security

onShore Security website
ServicesManaged security services
ResourcesBlog, news, videos, case studies, podcast
Free trialNo

onShore Security is a company that offers managed bank-grade cybersecurity services. This includes 24/7 real-time monitoring, correlation, and analysis of network data.

The provider’s experts focus on investigating the whole network of your company, detecting threats, and responding to them. onShore Security also offers guidance for companies. By examining the network and providing a clear view of the attack surface, they prepare companies for cyberattacks and become compliant with regulations.

And since the human element is what pushes cybersecurity to the highest levels, onShore Security doesn’t rely on automation. To put it simply, onShore is for those who want to achieve high-level security maturity.


ServicesThreat intelligence, detection, and prevention
ResourcesDatasheets, case studies, blog
Free trialYes (demo)

Fighting off cyberattacks is no easy task, but BforeAi takes the load off your hands. Being a truly predictive security solution, it keeps your network, brand, and customers protected from intrusions and data exfiltration.

With near-zero false positives, BforeAi provides you with a threat intelligence feed. Not only does it learn new attack techniques daily, it also predicts never before seen attack types. BforeAi defends you by preventing the threat from doing damage.

Not to mention that your brand is also protected. The company identifies malicious use of your brand to make sure none of your customers fall victim to it, ensuring you keep a good reputation.


ServicesPenetration testing (including External Network, Web Application, Mobile Application Penetration Testing, and more), managed security, incident response, DDoS protection, vulnerability assessment
ResourcesBlog, research, news, case studies
Free trialNo

Secmentis can provide you with everything cybersecurity related, protecting you from virtually all corners. One of their security solutions is incident response – the company’s consultants use various methods and technologies to investigate cyber threats, including threat intelligence.

Speaking of threat intelligence, using it, Secmentis asists with identifying whether you’ve been attacked, how you were breached, and attack origins. Their goal is not only to detect but also to respond to attacks and efficiently recover from them.

But that’s not all – with Secmentis, you have loads of services to pick from. This includes penetration testing, managed security, DDoS protection, vulnerability assessment, and social engineering.


ServicesIP geolocation and threat intelligence API
ResourcesDocumentation, tutorials, FAQ
Free trialYes

Whether you’re looking for a personal, startup, business, or enterprise security solution, ipdata is an all-in-one service that has offers for everyone.

Their IP geolocation and threat intelligence API allows you to look up any IP address for website content localization, target ads, and enforce GDPR compliance. Aside from that, it lets you block specific countries, detect VPN usage, enrich forms, and analyze logs.

And since ipdata even servers such high-security requiring companies as NASA, you can be sure they offer first-class services. But you don’t have to take my word for it – just opt for their free version which lets you make up to 1500 requests daily with their free API key.


ServicesThreat intelligence
ResourcesIntegrations, libraries, case studies, use cases
Free trialYes

If you’re looking for a free high-value threat intelligence solution, Pulsedive should catch your eye. It is not only high-fidelity, but it also offers a user-friendly UI and API for a clear and effortless experience.

Pulsedive is streamlined – it enriches IOCs and fetches information to provide contextual data about threats. It absorbs thousands of IP addresses, URLs, and other data, giving the company a competitive advantage.

It’s also worth mentioning that with Pulsedive, you get a few types of scans. These include passive ones for performing WHOIS requests and fetching DNS records and active ones for collecting valuable information.

And although it all might seem challenging at first, Pulsedive provides countless information on their website to help you out.


ServicesDigital forensics, managed threat detection, intelligence services, red teaming, vCISO
ResourcesNews, blog
Free trialYes (trial)

From endpoint protection and risk management to threat intelligence solutions – Resecurity has it all in one unified platform. The goal is to help various enterprises fight off any cyber threats, no matter how sophisticated they can get.

Resecurity’s threat intelligence platform identifies cases of exposure of sensitive information, even on the dark web. This way, you’re protected from such threats as fraud and data breaches.

You can also use Resecurity for brand protection, endpoint security, threat detection and response, and digital risk monitoring. But the best way to find out if this solution is suitable for you is to opt for their free trial!

Cyborg Security

Cyborg Security company
ServicesThreat hunting platform
ResourcesBlog, library, videos, webinars, workshops
Free trialYes (Community Edition)

With various experts and threat intelligence analysts, Cyborg Security provides a web-based threat hunting content platform. It’s an ideal alternative solution for threat HUNTERS to benefit from.

With the help of the HUNTER, you’ll be able to not only detect and run threat hunts, but remediate them and reduce hunt deployment time as well. Aside from that, Cyborg Security ensures convenience – you can manage and schedule your hunts, as well as customize packages according to your environment.

Continuously updated and intuitive, the platform increases HUNTERS’ productivity and efficiency. If you want to see the platform in action, jump to their website a get a FREE Community Account!


ServicesThreat intelligence, 5G security suite, IoT-OT-IT converged security suite, incident management
ResourcesBlog, webinars, case studies, whitepapers, Ebooks
Free trialYes (15 days)

With companies using so many OT and IoT devices these days, having visibility of the full asset landscape can often be a tough task. That's where Sectrio steps in.

By deploying honeypots, Sectrio is able to gather rich and actionable threat intelligence that is contextual and relevant to your organization. The provider also uses a variety of other techniques and even the power of AI to monitor the network for anomalies and suspicious behavior, allowing you to take action way before any damage is done.

So, if you're in need of threat intelligence to secure your ever-growing network of converged assets, Sectrio is the way to go.


ServicesThreat analysis, detection and response, threat hunting
ResourcesData sheet, use cases, blog, threat research, news
Free trialYes

Instead of collecting just data from the outside, the Inception platform takes an inside-out approach, delivering intelligence tailored to your company with actionable insights. It does this by focusing on the information already within your organization and enriching it with external information and emerging threat data.

Another thing that makes the Inception solution stand out is that it delivers continuous threat analysis, instead of a point-in-time assessment. It can do this because it pre-preserves the evidence in your organization’s files, allowing the platform to automatically analyze past incidents as new threat intelligence becomes available. And it helps security teams create tailored, constantly adapting defenses that attackers can’t evade.

If you're looking for a solution that would take your threat intelligence to the next level of customized, actionable security knowledge for your organization, make sure to check out the Inception platform from Stairwell.


ServicesFraud detection, mobile threat intelligence
ResourcesArticles, threat landscape updates
Free trialYes

At ThreatFabric, protecting financial institutions is the main focus. By detecting anomalies in behavior, this company ensures that user accounts are legitimate and the payments are secure – all without compromising the user experience.

But distinguishing real users from fake ones is not the only thing that this company is capable of. ThreatFabric also monitors the user devices for malware, analyzes the samples, and offers detailed reports on new malware families.

Additionally, ThreatFabric are strong advocates for proactive security, so you can rest assured that new threats will be taken care of before they can even be executed.


ServicesDrone cybersecurity, drone threat intelligence, drone security training
ResourcesBlog, research, newsletter
Free trialFree Tier for users interested

As you might have guessed from the name, DroneSec is a little bit different than most of the companies on this list. The interest in consumer-grade drones increased in the last couple of years, however, not everyone realizes that drones can be malicious and pose serious security threats too.

For this reason, DroneSec set out to secure the airspace and provides both cyber and physical security solutions. With their Notify platform, users are able to monitor the global drone sector, learn about the latest incidents and discover critical vulnerabilities before it is too late.

Besides offering a clear view of the attack surface, DroneSec also offers drone security training, so your team can securely run and manage the flying assets on their own.

WMC Global

WMC Global
ServicesThreat detection, brand protection, phishing and spam intelligence, risk evaluation
ResourcesBlog, use cases, user guides
Free trialNo

Next up is WMC Global – a company on a mission to protect brands and organizations from various types of phishing. With over 15 years of experience in the mobile threat intelligence landscape, their signature product, PhishFeed, rapidly detects phishing attacks, sends alerts, and automatically removes the malicious URLs or user accounts.

Another neat thing about WMC Global is that the company empowers cross-industry collaboration and collects threat data from a variety of different organizations around the world. The collaboration hub allows to quickly share information about the latest phishing techniques and provides insights on how companies can protect themselves in advance.

All in all, WMC Global is a great option for those looking to secure not only their brand but also protect their customers from phishing.


ServicesThreat detection, brand protection, phishing and spam intelligence, risk evaluation
ResourcesBlog, resource library, webinars, customer testimonials
Free trialNo

If you're looking for threat intelligence solutions with a focus on network security, ThreatBlockr is one of the best options on the market.

When attacks are getting more sophisticated, enterprises require more robust solutions than just a simple firewall. To ensure the highest levels of security, the ThreatBlockr platform uses data from more than 50 threat intelligence feeds to detect and automatically stop attacks before they even hit your network.

Another great thing about ThreatBlockr is the integration process is seamless – you don't have to delete or adjust your existing security stack to implement this new solution.

Best threat intelligence solutions: final recommendations

Ensuring a good cybersecurity posture may be difficult, especially when the market is filled with security services. That’s why threat intelligence solutions exist – they detect and respond to various attacks, including zero-day ones.

Here’s a quick recap of the best threat intelligence solutions mentioned in this list:

  • Heimdal Security – security-made-easy threat intelligence solution.
  • Cyble – real-time threat monitoring, detection, and response.
  • Hudsonrock – robust cyber threat intelligence feed for infrastructure and end-user security.
  • CFLW Cyber Strategies - real-time access to original and raw data about criminal and fraudulent activities on the dark web.
  • ThreatQuotient – threat intelligence platform with various learning resources.
  • Semperis – all-rounded threat prevention and response.
  • GroupSense – first-class cybersecurity and threat intelligence.
  • Ensign InfoSecurity – cybersecurity consultations and real-time threat intelligence.
  • Cysiv – affordable managed threat detection and response solution.
  • Stellar Cyber – first-rate automated security tools for threat detection and response.
  • Deceptive Bytes – threat prevention by beating the bad guys in their own game.
  • TeamT5 – easy-to-deploy threat hunting tool driven by intelligence.
  • HYAS – cybersecurity products for threat detection and response, powered by threat intelligence.
  • GREYCORTEX Mendel – powerful NDR solution that combines advanced detection methods to analyze network traffic.
  • BluSapphire – all-in-one platform offering threat detection, response, and remediation.
  • Cyber Defense Labs – managed security and advisory services for businesses in any field.
  • onShore Security – managed security services for ensuring high detection and response rates.
  • BforeAi – threat intelligence solutions with virtually no false positives.
  • Secmentis – threat intelligence solution for attack identification and origins.
  • ipdata – IP address lookup, ad targeting, and GDPR compliance with a threat intelligence API.
  • Pulsedive – high-value, user-friendly threat intelligence platform that is free of charge.
  • Resecurity – threat intelligence solution for fighting sophisticated threats.
  • Cyborg Security – modern and easy-to-manage threat hunting platform for efficient hunting.
  • Sectrio – threat intelligence with a focus on OT and IoT environments.
  • Stairwell – threat analysis and intelligence tailored to your organization.
  • ThreatFabric – threat intelligence for mobile banking.
  • DroneSec – threat intelligence for drones.
  • WMC Global – phishing and spam threat intelligence.
  • ThreatBlockr – threat intelligence-driven network security platform.

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