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Best Windows Apps for Personal Finance

We can all agree that managing your personal finances is neither fun nor easy. However, if you want to get out of debt or just finally save up for that trip that you've been dreaming about, it's crucial to adopt some tools and practices to help you keep your finances on track.

While adopting good habits like setting up a monthly budget, categorizing your expenses, and eliminating unnecessary purchases is a great way to save money, keeping track of all that can be challenging if you're using just a pen and paper or Excel sheets. Luckily, there are plenty of apps today that you can download onto your devices that make managing personal finance effortless.

When it comes to finding the next app to help manage your personal finance, Microsoft app store is the way to go – no matter if you're looking to save up for something special or simply want to keep an eye out on your monthly spending.

Best Windows Apps for Personal Finance: Our top picks

If you're looking for ways to save money or just want to keep on track of your bills and payments, here are some of the best apps that increase visibility into your finances, help you manage your spending, and automate transactions.

Prism Bill Pay

Prism Bill Pay
FeaturesFinancial planning, banking
Free planYes

If you struggle to keep track of all your bills and monthly payments, then Prism Bill Pay is the app for you. It gives you complete visibility into your balance, reminds you about any upcoming payments, and even allows you 10 minutes to cancel any payment. The best part about it – it is entirely free.

Besides helping you stay out of debt, Prism Bill Pay offers these features:

  • Allows you to check your balance anytime, anywhere
  • Notifications about due payments
  • Alerts about up-front fees or if anything is amiss
  • Pay with a credit card, debit card or bank account
  • Bank-level encryption

Another nice thing about Prism Bill Pay is that it supports the most popular banks, card manufacturers and billers, from network providers to online streaming services.

Alzex Finance

Alzex Finance
FeaturesData management, scheduling, budgeting
ResourcesArticles, news, press releases
Free planNo

Alzex Finance is an app that helps users keep track of their home finances by categorizing the expenses and income, allowing you to see the total sum and percentage structure for categories, balance on accounts, as well as overall balance.

This app allows users to take control of their personal finances by offering these features:

  • A rich set of data management tools
  • Synchronization between multiple devices
  • Scheduler
  • Reports
  • Supports of an unlimited number of currencies

What's great about Alzex Finance is that it provides a wide range of functionality and settings in a one easy-to-use platform that is both suitable for beginners and for professional users.

Money Pro

Money Pro
FeaturesFinance planning, bill management
ResourcesBlog, guide
Free planNo

Another great app for home finance management is Money Pro – a comprehensive solution that allows you to track your expenses, set up budgets, schedule payments and more. The app visualizes your spending data, making it easier to understand and see where your money is going.

Here are some features that make Money Pro stand out:

  • Customizable calendar
  • Unlimited number of accounts
  • Flexible data entry
  • Detailed reports
  • Multiple accounting profiles

It's also important to mention that the Money Pro interface is extremely intuitive and beautifully designed, making this app easy to use for both home users and even small businesses.

My Car

My Car
FeaturesCar expenses management
Free planYes

My Car is a little bit different from the other apps on this list – it's a solution that helps you manage all your car-related information in one place. This way, you can track your car's efficiency, services, expenses, and mileage, which is a great way to maintain your vehicle efficiently and save money.

With My Car, you can:

  • Keep track of vehicle's costs
  • Attach photos and other documents to any event
  • View statistics and charts
  • Manage multiple vehicles.
  • Import data from other applications

The best part about My Car is that it is supports several different fuel, odometer and fuel efficiency units, making it easy to navigate and understand for any kind of user, not to mention the super intuitive interface.


FeaturesCryptocurrency portfolio tracker
Free planYes

Every crypto owner should have a reliable solution that would help them track their assets, calculate profits and losses and give full insight into their portfolio. With over 800 supported cryptocurrencies, CryptoTracker provides just that and more.

CryptoTracker is a great option for those who want to:

  • Keep up with the latest news
  • View customizable price and volume charts
  • View their portfolio in detail
  • Track the history of their purchases and trades

Overall, this app provides a convenient way for crypto owners to keep track of not only their portfolio but also the latest news with alerts, live tiles and compact overlays. Not to mention that CryptoTracker also supports 15 currencies, from EUR to INR, making the crypto space truly accessible and easy to navigate.

Best Windows Apps for Personal Finance: Final recommendations

To help you find the best solutions for personal finance management, here’s a quick rundown of all the apps mentioned in this article:

  1. Prism Bill Pay – a free app that helps keep track of all your bills and monthly payments.
  2. Alzex Finance – a simple app for home accounting.
  3. Money Pro – an all-round finance management solution fit for individuals and small businesses.
  4. My Car – helps you manage all your car-related costs and maintain your vehicle efficiently.
  5. CryptoTracker – helps you keep track of your crypto portfolio and the latest news in the crypto space.

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