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Anant Jain, Creole Studios: ”today's reliance on mobile devices has made them vulnerable to cyberattacks”

As the world gets more connected, threat actors find clever ways to take advantage of mobile devices and exploit overlooked app vulnerabilities.

While apps are used every day to make various aspects of our lives easier, many people are still unaware of risks insecure applications may pose. In the age of ever-changing technology and advancing cyberattacks, developers have to stay a cut above and be ready to provide updates and patches to make sure their software is immune to emerging threats.

To discuss the ins and outs of app development, we invited Anant Jain, the Director of Sales & Operations at Creole Studios – a company developing mobile and web apps to help businesses reach their digital transformation goals.

What has your journey been like? How did the idea of Creole Studios come about in 2014?

Creole Studios was founded in 2014 by three friends who strived to create highly conceptual and ROI-focused custom digital solutions. Focusing on creating ample opportunities in society, Creole Studios aimed at becoming a true partner of the businesses as they move ahead in their digital transformation journey. The past eight years have been a roller coaster ride for Creole Studios. We have developed a team of 70+ passionate professionals who have worked on 500 projects over 20 industries across 16 countries.

Can you introduce us to what you do? What are the main challenges you help navigate?

Creole Studios is a young and vibrant creative digital agency catalyzing the digital transformation of businesses by providing tailor-made digital solutions and resource augmentation. By leveraging the industry-proven technologies and expertise in the domain of web app development, mobile app development, and cloud app development, Creole Studios delivers curated solutions that are ROI-focused. A growing team of adept professionals at Creole Studios strives to realize the vision of businesses and create value that outlives the generations.

How did the recent global events affect your field of work?

We all will agree that the past few years were challenging for most of us, but they have also led to the digital transformation acceleration. A report by Mckinsey states that the COVID-19 has enabled a quantum leap in adoption with the use of digital products and solutions skyrocketing. Digital transformation has also accelerated by several years. It has propelled the need for the right solutions designed for the individual needs of an organization. Customers have also become more proficient in technology and asking the right questions. Creole Studios is uniquely placed as we focus on curated solutions in web app development, mobile app development, and cloud app development that are ROI-focused and built by leveraging industry-proven tools & technologies.

As a business, we moved to a hybrid working model and grew our headcount by over 100%. This pushed us to make our development and employee management process efficient through ownership delegation, usage of productivity tools, and flexible working options.

What are some of the best practices organizations should follow when developing mobile applications?

As a solution partner, we at Creole Studios kick-start the requirements-gathering process for UI design and prototypes. Once approved, API integration and functional module development begin in the development environment. The development team decides the number of API calls required in the entire system and creates an API document. The QA team creates numerous test scenarios based on the API documentation to eliminate all bugs and issues in the testing environment. Once the code is tested and approved, it is published in the live environment.

At Creole Studios, we benchmark our processes against the industry standards for quality-driven development and follow the recommendations created for each technology. Once developed, a code request is created for review, optimization, and clean-up before merging the pool request. By following the branching structure, the development team works on the branch code that is then merged with the development branch after approval. Continuous Integration and development tools such as CircleCI and App Center assist in ongoing automation and monitoring through the lifecycle of apps.

What would you consider the most serious security issues surrounding mobile apps today?

Today's use and reliance on mobile devices have made them vulnerable to multiple cyber and phishing attacks giving access to your personal and financial information to hackers.

The following determines the security of mobile applications: whether it is an Android or iOS application, the APIs used, and their server security. The vulnerabilities of mobile applications include weaker server-side controls, insecure data exchange and data storage, and vulnerable third-party applications.

As the world gets more connected, what safety tools do you think everyone should have in place to keep their devices safe?

In my opinion, firewalls and antiviruses are of utmost importance. Always use complex passwords to ensure that your devices and accounts are safe. Never use the same password for all the systems and always store them in a password vault. Keep your browsers and applications up to date. Be aware of the phishing emails and ensure that you do not click on any unwanted links. Keep a track of permissions that you give to applications on the website.

What advancements and innovations in the software development field do you hope to see in the near future?

The Low code/ No code (LCNC) is gaining momentum, and the practice will become more mainstream in the coming years as it enables a non-technical person to create an application. Although it has limitations in sophistication, personalization, and customization, it assists people in kickstarting their digital journey.

Automation at any level will also become more mainstream in the coming years. Automation enables businesses to become scalable and adaptable to new business models and requirements. Hyperautomation using AI/ML especially will evolve further.

What does the future hold for Creole Studios?

With an existing presence in two countries, Creole Studios is actively expanding its presence in the North American region. Our ever increased focus is on supporting the businesses in their digital transformation journey through ROI-focused curated solutions and resource augmentation services. To serve our customers better, we continuously strive to enhance our skill sets in backend technology. To streamline the processes, we are also focused on moving towards the Agile Methodology from Waterfall Methodology as it is open to experimentation and adaptation to the scope change.

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