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Andre Cheung, RoboticsCats: “the world’s first AI wildfire detection”

In light of the recent spate of deadly wildfires across the world, it is essential that we understand the processes involved, and their lasting effects on our health and the environment.

Although resources, regarding this problem, are increasing, the average extent of wildfires continues to rise, and latency in alerting related parties plays a massive role. Thankfully, AI-powered technologies are yet again saving the day.

To find out how, the Cybernews team contacted Andre Cheung, CEO of RoboticsCats – SaaS wildfire detection AI analytics provider.

Let’s go back to the very beginning of Robotics Cats. What has the journey been like over the years?

With climate change, there are more and bigger wildfires in even more places. If we respond late and the wildfires become too big, there is little we can do. We see major forest fire outbreaks around the world.

We needed a systemic change. Therefore, we build the world’s first AI wildfire detection SaaS to help businesses and communities to mitigate wildfire risks and damages.

Can you introduce us to your solutions? What issues do they help solve?

Our LookOut wildfire detection software-as-a-service is an AI analytics platform. It works with standard surveillance cameras to do real-time image-based Machine Learning object detection of early-stage wildfires. It helps customers to take timely actions to mitigate wildfire risks and damages.

In your opinion, which industries would greatly benefit from installing computer vision solutions?

National parks, forestry, plantations, onshore wind power farms, energy grids, communities, resorts and property owners.

How did the recent global events affect your field of work? Did you add any new features as a result?

The COVID19 pandemic makes onsite installation work more challenging. To help our customers to deploy our LookOut service quickly, we add support for existing cameras. LookOut can work with smartphones to capture real-time images. Homeowners can use LookOut immediately.

In your opinion, why do certain organizations and individuals hesitate to implement new and innovative solutions, despite all the technological advancements available nowadays?

Status quos is a thing. It takes time and courage to change behavior. We need more innovators and early adopters to share their success stories of using new solutions. People will then learn and change faster.

In this age of ever-evolving technology, what do you think are the key security measures everyone should implement on their devices?

The triangle of information security – CIA – confidentiality, integrity, and availability – are all important. Make sure your SaaS provider requests only minimum personal identity information, keep data-in-transit and data-at-rest secure and use redundant and secure cloud infrastructure.

What other aspects of our lives do you hope to see enhanced by AI in the next few years?

Automate manual repetitive routine work. Environmental protection. ClimateTech solution. All these will help us to spend more valuable time and attention with our mother nature. We are all parts of nature. We need it. It needs us to.

What predictions do you have for the future of technology in the environmental field?

More AI and IoT applications to monitor our environment and detect disasters.

Would you like to share what’s next for Robotics Cats?

We start our journey in Asia. It is our honor that there are customers in South America and Southern Europe who are using our technologies. Climate change is fast and furious. We will move quickly to expand our businesses in North America and Europe.

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