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Andreas Kröpfl, eyeson: “in our internationalized world, communication technology is crucial”

As the world is rapidly shifting into a remote lifestyle, a variety of products and systems appear on the market every day offering a plethora of new opportunities and security features.

To ensure data security, organizations worldwide must not only adopt secure storage, anti-malware, and VPN services but also look into quality video communication and collaboration systems to secure communication among corporate members and clients.

Today, Andreas Kröpfl, CEO of eyeson – a leader in cloud-based video communication technology, provided us with insight into how such solutions can help you elevate your business and also protect your online identity.

How did the idea of eyeson come to life? What has the journey been like since your launch in 2010?

Early on in my career, I focused on telecommunications with the vision of integrated video communication solutions as part of the future of work in a digital world.

We founded eyeson as a team of five real-time communication experts from air traffic control. We started working on technology that would prove how real-time video conferencing can have better quality than Skype and other apps.

It’s been an exciting journey as we create a unique technology, having in mind the future of work. We have seven patents in the US and EU that have been important milestones in the history of eyeson technology and show we have been working with intention since day one.

The pandemic, apart from being a challenging period, has been a time of growth for eyeson. We have gathered significant experience and are dedicated to adding value to new digital workflows that will improve not only the way we do business but our lives in general too.

Can you tell us a little bit about your video solutions? What are their key features?

As a technology leader in video communication, eyeson is innovating remote business workflows by being the visual interface that maintains all the benefits of visual human interaction for the future of work.

eyeson API integrates live video seamlessly with high-level security into digital workflows, providing full customization options and managed servers. Our innovation is the patented Single Stream Technology keeps bandwidth low and participants on board, regardless of the number. Most importantly, this technology enables merging any live media, data, and participants in real-time into a single video and audio stream, allowing you to configure your own layout.

We allow our customers to decide where their meetings are hosted, allowing users to discuss important client-related details without worrying about data protection. We guarantee full compliance with GDPR and country-specific regulations with a security-by-design approach.

In your opinion, which types of organizations would greatly benefit from implementing video communication solutions?

Regardless of the restrictions that were imposed due to the pandemic, this level of digitization was inevitable. There are already remarkable signs hinting at remote collaboration and communication becoming important practices in the future.

eyeson is innovating in several fields, for instance, drone applications. Drone technology is being employed for aerial surveys, imaging, mapping, and facilitating decision-support activities. eyeson powers digital workflows enhanced with drone video and data to help shorten the timeline needed to gather data during emergencies or from areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

Within a single platform, it is possible to quickly identify damages or hazards, giving first responders instantaneous context and facilitating transparent collaboration. The real-time views of the location with centralized operation and integrations improve response times and situational awareness.

With this being only one example, eyeson technology can be employed in almost any use case. Telehealth, insurance, consulting, and drones are only a part of the use cases we are currently covering and helping innovate.

How did the recent global events affect your field of work?

The last few years gave most employees and organizations a taste of the benefits and challenges of working remotely. At eyeson, we had already established a remote working culture before the pandemic. We set up virtual meetings and stand-ups with the whole team to start the week positively. Our business processes are running smoothly, efficiently, and without confusion, mainly due to our video-enhanced workflows.

Big companies and international groups have realized that video conferencing has to be a part of their future workflows, driving growth, resilience, and innovation. These new conditions of doing business, especially given the uncertainty of times, have brought greater attention to our video conferencing API and, therefore, a significant opportunity to grow.

Besides quality collaboration systems, what other tools or practices do you think companies of all sizes should adopt nowadays to maintain smooth and secure remote operations?

We believe that after this crisis, we will enjoy even better collaboration, higher revenue, and a life-work balance due to highly effective remote working. Easy, efficient, and versatile communication is key to maintaining an organization healthy and keeping remote operations smooth, productive, and secure.

Tools and saas that facilitate remote work are our everyday business, like eyeson, of course, and Google Workspace, Slack, and Hubspot. It is important to implement tools that help us stay connected and up-to-date and provide strong cyber security.

Speaking of average Internet users, what precautions do you think everyone should take to keep their communications secure?

First of all, it is important to become knowledgeable about privacy and security topics. Learning who has access to the data we produce and utilize is paramount. The EU is taking significant steps to create a legislative framework and guidelines to limit the misuse of data. Relying on European companies already provides a certain degree of privacy.

Moreover, asking questions about how each solution is designed and how it can be customized to provide the right level of security for specific use cases is, in my opinion, a good step toward creating strong and resilient communities of users.

Recently, maintaining creativity has been a serious struggle for some organizations. How can companies foster creativity and innovation when the majority of employees are working remotely?

It is important to acknowledge the importance of creating and maintaining a company culture that promotes good communication among employees. Working remotely has many benefits. However, the lack of social connection is impacting the motivation of many employees.

Setting up standups, brainstorming sessions, and, when possible, leisure team-building events has done wonders for us. Our team has been working very well together, bringing many new ideas to life with perseverance and inspiration.

What predictions do you have for the future of communication technology?

I believe it will become a substantial part of the future of work and not only. In our increasingly internationalized world, communication technology is crucial and provides a quality that we hadn’t known before.

Practices and technology will keep improving at a fast pace, impacting the way we do business. Legal frameworks might also be adapted to support these innovations in various fields like healthcare, education, and others.

Would you like to share what’s next for eyeson?

Here at eyeson, we are committed to providing excellent technical solutions for businesses. The whole team is thinking ahead, creating new ways in which we can best support developers and businesses of any size as they step into digital transformation.

We are in a stage of growth, aiming to soon showcase more of the use cases our technology enables. The future is fascinating and sometimes hard to predict.

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