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Andzej Rynkevic, Baltic Assist: “our main job is to make our partners lives easier”

The landscape of professional virtual collaboration is growing. Using best practices for cyber protection is important as companies integrate digital tools into their business operations. Especially when considering the outsourcing market and the financial data associated with it.

Every enterprise must take serious cybersecurity measures to keep its client’s data protected. Moreso, as companies integrate digital services and technology into their business structure.

An important stage of that journey is keeping all financial operations running smoothly. Virtual accounting is no longer an extra feature but a main service. Finding a trusted service that can deliver cybersecurity protection is a must.

For more information on staying protected in the outsourcing market, we interviewed Andzej Rynkevic, Chief Executive Officer at Baltic Assist – a dedicated virtual services company that provides back-office assistance and virtual accounting for organizations of all sizes.

Let’s go back to the very beginning of Baltic Assist. What has your journey been like over the years?

The best words to describe my journey would be challenging, thrilling, and dynamic. It's been successful in growing the company within the last eight years. During those years, we have launched new service lines. We worked with various clients, both startups and corporate, worldwide. Also, we have surpassed 200 employees, which continues to grow further.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do? What sets Baltic Assist apart from other BPO service providers?

I lead the company to become the most desired outsourcing services provider worldwide. My main duties are setting the company’s vision, choosing the right strategy, and then overseeing the implementation of our selected strategic directions by leading different company departments (HR, Sales, Ops, Finance, etc.).

Baltic Assist has a purpose statement that says our main job is to make our partners’ lives easier. For this reason, when providing the services, we ensure the highest level of customer experience. All are backed by choosing the most efficient tools with the most experienced people handling them.

What range of BPO services do you offer? How do your services contribute to improving operational efficiency for businesses?

We have different service offerings that fall under a few categories. For example, finance management and employee outsourcing. Baltic Assist provides financial services, including financial controlling, accounting, and other financial management services. We manage the client's financial setup.

We take care of all company’s financial operations (SMEs clients) or specific finance functions (corporate clients). We also have another service that we offer our partners to extend their operations to Lithuania. To sum it all up, Baltic Assist is an outsourcing partner that allows our partners to have an employee or teams hired here in Lithuania.

To ensure operational efficiency, we strive to use the newest technology. We make sure that technology applies to specific businesses. In addition to that, we audit our own along with the client’s operating procedures. We do this regularly to maximize efficiency at every stage of the company’s lifetime.

To ensure a successful partnership, what factors are considered when selecting a BPO service provider?

To successfully elect a BPO provider, companies must consider the following factors:

1) BPO partner’s business performance

2) the capability to deliver

3) cultural fit

4) domain expertise

5) and the commitment of BPO partner’s executive team.

To ensure a successful partnership going forward, a few key areas must be considered:

1) a transparent pricing model

2) described areas of control

3) clear responsibilities

4) and growth and exit strategy.

Both parties must pre-agree on these factors to establish a long-term and successful partnership.

What are the benefits of outsourcing non-core processes to BPO service providers?

The main benefit is that the company can direct its focus, energy, and resources on core areas of its operation. At the same time, a BPO provider can manage the highest-level delivery of the non-core processes, which are still important in a company's operations.

Some more benefits:

  • Improving the efficiency
  • Having a higher level of flexibility
  • Cutting costs

How did the recent global events influence your field of work? Were there any new challenges you had to adapt to?

I can say that the pandemic has brought a new understanding to most businesses. It's possible to work and manage teams remotely. Perceptions of work have changed. More companies are considering working with outsourcing partners.

How does Baltic Assist ensure data security and confidentiality for its clients' sensitive information?

I would say that data security and confidentiality stand on three pillars in Baltic Assist: software protection, legal protection, and ensuring employee awareness of cybersecurity matters. This is one of the most important areas in Baltic Assist, where we invest a lot to keep our clients safe.

How do you envision the future of the BPO industry evolving in the upcoming years? Are there any trends that appear to be developing?

I would say that the future of the BPO industry is bright because according to all the most recent studies in this area, it tends to grow within all major service areas. AI tools and their integration into daily business operations are the next big thing. I would say that BPO providers who integrate AI into the services they offer will succeed.

And finally, what’s next for Baltic Assist?

Baltic Assist continues to pursue its vision to become the world's most desired outsourced service partner. To achieve that, we are currently focusing on :

1) creating new service offerings

2) ensuring the highest level of customer experience

3) assuring the most innovative service delivery using AI/RPA and other incremental innovation tools that grow efficiency.

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