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Anthony Ribeiro Da Silva, CoinMarketCal: “one common misconception is that digital assets will replace traditional currencies”

Although the exponential growth of the digital world continues to fascinate people, it's not without some criticism. Expectations are often too high about what technology will replace what. When it comes to cryptocurrency, a complete transition to a digital monetary system isn’t likely.

“In reality, it's more probable that they'll coexist.” That’s why people should be just as serious about cybersecurity to protect their digital finances as they are about protecting their physical banking assets.

Learn how to protect your data, especially if you’re an active cryptocurrency investor. That means finding a trusted cryptocurrency platform and obtaining digital device protection. For example, find the top VPNs for your iPhone or the best VPN for your laptop.

To gain a deeper understanding of the digital currency landscape and what cyber protection will mean for it, we spoke with Anthony Ribeiro Da Silva, CEO of CoinMarketCal – a leading economic calendar for crypto assets like coins, tokens, and NFTs.

How did CoinMarketCal originate? What has your journey been like since?

CoinMarketCal came to life in late September 2017. It all began with my passion for cryptocurrencies. I noticed an unfair playing field where some people had critical information while others were left in the dark

That caused market inefficiencies. With thousands of cryptos, it was impossible to keep up. That's when the idea of a collaborative calendar struck me. One where everyone could share info on their favorite coins from all corners of the internet. CoinMarketCal was born.

It wasn't intended as a business, but it quickly consumed my time. My co-founder was quick to join. We were soon joined by moderators. Since then, we've been continuing to enhance the site. Such as offering new products while staying true to our roots and never losing sight of our primary goal. CoinMarketCal is the result of passion, collaboration, and a quest for fair information in the crypto world.

Can you introduce us to what you do? What are the key features of your calendar?

We're a small but dynamic team at CoinMarketCal, which means we all wear many hats typical of any startup. Personally, I focus on the business aspects, communication, HR/recruitment, and support. I also contribute to product design and improvements.

CoinMarketCal is all about quantity and quality of information! Our mission is to gather as much data as possible, benefiting everyone in the community. We take pride in delivering only verified and relevant information.

To achieve this, we work closely with various crypto projects. It's a privilege to have an active community along with in-house resources to help us gather this extensive database. Whether it's our website, mobile app, Telegram channels, or Twitter accounts, we cater to diverse consumption habits. We make sure our data is presented in the best possible way.

Since digital assets are a relatively new technology, there's still some confusion and myths surrounding them. What misconceptions do you notice most often?

One common misconception is that digital assets will replace traditional currencies. In reality, it's more probable that they'll coexist, which is already significant. It's crucial to remember that not everyone has access to the traditional financial system.

Similarly, NFTs won't replace all digital items but will run alongside them. It will bring tremendous value and exciting use cases. The world isn't black or white – it's a colorful blend of possibilities!

Do you think the pandemic influenced the way people perceive the crypto landscape?

For some countries that have experienced the consequences of the pandemic, such as currency devaluation, yes.

It has likely influenced how people perceive the crypto landscape. As for others, I'm not sure.

What are the biggest mistakes that new crypto owners tend to make?

The most common mistakes made by new crypto owners are emotional attachment to projects, over-diversifying portfolios, chasing pumps, and buying the news instead of capitalizing on it.

Remember, staying cool-headed and doing thorough research can get you far in crypto.

In your opinion, what are the most serious cybersecurity threats prominent nowadays?

One of the most serious cybersecurity threats that remains prominent nowadays is undoubtedly the classic and timeless 'social engineering' trickery.

Cybercriminals have perfected the art of manipulating human behavior, making it the Achilles' heel of even the most robust security systems.

We've seen countless examples of this. It even became a meme last year with all the thefts involving BAYC holders.

What measures should crypto owners and average individuals take to protect themselves from these new threats?

Don't trust, verify. Satoshi is/was right. At CoinMarketCal, we take this principle seriously.

Not a single event gets published without a source, making it easy to check for yourself.

What predictions do you have for the future of crypto space?

I'm a firm believer in the 4-year cycle until proven otherwise. It's been quite a reliable pattern, so we're looking at buying in 2023/2024 and getting ready to sell in 2025.

I'm optimistic that US regulations will soon provide some clarity. I bet a US ETF will soon get the green light - which will certainly add some fuel to the next cycle!

It may be a wild one but I'm personally bullish on ETH's potential to take the crown as the number one crypto by market cap. It might take years though.

And finally, what’s next for CoinMarketCal?

We're all about making what we do best even better, delivering on our mission with even greater conviction than we do today. We'll be rolling out improved products that cater to our users' evolving needs, while staying ahead with fresh and innovative ideas.

We hope to reach even more people by partnering with industry leaders. Our team remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries, and we can't wait to surprise you with what's next!

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