Data breach hits Starbucks in Singapore

Starbucks Singapore has informed customers of “unauthorized access” to their personal details.

The breach had affected members of the Starbucks rewards program, the company said in an email to customers. An unauthorized party gained access to names and emails, as well as information customers can opt out from providing – mobile phone numbers, gender, date of birth, and residential addresses.

The company said that Starbucks Singapore does not store credit card information, so customers could “rest assured” that their financial details were intact. All stored value, rewards, and credits were also safe, it added.

While the breach did not affect passwords, the company still advised members to reset their login information straight away “as a good security practice.”

“Starbucks Singapore takes the security of customer information very seriously and has immediately implemented additional measures to protect customer information and apologize for this inconvenience,” the company said in the email.

The coffeehouse chain said it informed relevant authorities and is assisting them on the matter. It also warned customers to beware of potential scam attempts.

“Starbucks will not request for any personal or membership information, nor will we send any URL links for such requests. Please remain vigilant and do not share details if you receive such notifications,” the email read.

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