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Felipe Rossi, Brascloud: “the big challenges for cybersecurity have a relationship with computer power”

Recent global events have accelerated cloud adoption. The reliance is set to continue, especially with remote working taking center stage.

Moving to the cloud has forever transformed the way resources are stored, accessed, and shared. It also provided new ways of conducting business by allowing companies to rise above the conventional on-premises IT infrastructure.

Recently, we invited Felipe Rossi, CEO of Brascloud – a company that offers cloud computing in the "public cloud" mode of Data Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – to have a brief chat about recent changes in the cloud world.

How did the idea of Brascloud originate? What has your journey been like?

Our journey began in 2013, when we created a fork/pivot of business, the focus of the company to be an alternative for public cloud, for example, AWS. We worked almost 3 years to deliver MVP. End of 2015 begins in 2016. We already run with some customers in our 1st zone of availability.

With the first version stable and with customer actives, we are open to making the first open of capital for angel investors. In 2017, we remade the branding, commercial area, and marketing up to the end of 2019.

End of 2019 begins of 2020 we make go to marketing and open two more availability zones. End of 2021 we reach 1 million of annual revenue.

In 2022 we continue growing, we have more solutions with cloud solutions of DBaaS, Container as a Service, Terraform integration, CDN+WAF Solutions, and planning to open two more availability zones in Chile and Colombia.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do? What are the main challenges you help navigate?

We deliver a complete solution of Public Cloud IaaS, we are alternatively on LATAM to AWS, Azure, Google, etc. Billing per hour, with 3 availability zones. Delivering resources of DBaaS, CaaS, IaaS, CDN+WAF, and complete IaaS solution, all resources paid per hour.

Our main challenge is that businesses and people don’t believe that Brazilian companies create complete solutions of Public Cloud IaaS with complete payment per hour of resources.

What are some of the most difficult challenges when it comes to developing cloud applications?

One of the big challenges was the delivery distribution of Availability Zones in the unique portal for customers to create resources with complete automation.

Do you think the recent global events influenced the way people approach cloud solutions?

Yes, the delivery of the global event for Cloud has a big potential for maximizing more and more the market for delivering fast, secure solutions via the Internet for all types of customers.

In your opinion, what IT and cybersecurity solutions should new business owners focus on?

The big challenges for cybersecurity have a relationship with computer power and IOT/5G, which deliver a big capacity to generate impacts.

As more companies move their workload to the cloud, are there any details that might be overlooked when making the switch?

The main attention necessary is the architecture of each workload needed, the cloud and on-premises have big differences and need be attention to start with the correct architecture.

If this process does not work correctly, customers can be a bit surprised with the billing of the cloud.What are the best practices do you think companies of all sizes should adopt nowadays to maintain smooth and secure remote operations?

Controls of access, security access with VPNs, environment updated, policies of security always updated, Backup policies and replication scenarios when necessary for critical workloads.

How do you think the cloud landscape is going to evolve in the next few years?

I see more and more the scenarios of consolidating in some big players, given the capacity of scale and cost reduction that the cloud brings to businesses and people. The market in the next 10 years will consolidate effectively.

What does the future hold for Brascloud?

We are growing 2x up 3x per year, with our expansion for Chile and Colombia we are consolidating our Cloud Services for LATAM delivery regional services with a high solution of Public Cloud for this market.

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