Kristin Pater, SALTO KS: “industries can benefit from a great access control solution in more ways than they assume”

Managing who has access to what is difficult, especially for big companies. And we’re not talking only about digital access to passwords or sensitive information – hardware infrastructures are also on the list of items to which access needs to be overseen.

While password managers, both on the individual and enterprise level, are great for keeping track of who can access which sites and documents, they won’t work in the physical sense with, let’s say, doors. And a physical door into the building can also be a door to highly sensitive digital assets.

To talk about the importance of high-quality access control systems to the security of a business or individuals, Cybernews reached out to Kristin Pater, the Marketing Manager responsible for the SALTO Systems product: SALTO KS. Salto is a company that specializes in smart electronic access control solutions.

What did the development of SALTO Systems look like?

SALTO Systems is an access control hardware and software provider and was ignited by the passion of a small group of enthusiastic and highly experienced professionals who were eager to provide a world-class access control system that would be simple to use and extremely efficient, giving users the ability to control all their access needs. Since their ground-breaking start, SALTO Systems have made a great impact on the way people around the world operate their businesses offering best-in-class access control hardware and software.

Can you introduce us to your access control solutions? What are their key features?

SALTO Systems not only offers hardware but also ACaaS (Access Control as a Service), such as the cloud-based access control solution SALTO KS. The main features are the ability to securely send a Digital Key to anyone with a smartphone without the need to hand over Tags – physical key fobs, or even do a remote opening, making giving and receiving access much more user-friendly. The solution makes it easy to grant access to individuals or groups for selected locks and timeframes, to see who goes where and when, and if necessary, block users on the go.

The ability to integrate your existing app with the SALTO KS API is a game-changer for many industries. Their own app will be enhanced with all the benefits of SALTO KS by integrating our API or, depending on the business needs, building their own access control solution from scratch.

In your opinion, which industries should be especially concerned about implementing access management solutions?

I don't want to say ‘concerned’ but I do feel a lot of industries can benefit from a great access control solution in more ways than they initially assume. Think of scaling your business, monetizing your space, and offering an overall smoother and more impressive customer experience. For instance, we have a lot of customers in the coworking and coliving industry who have been able to offer a greater tenant experience and build a community by installing SALTO KS.

How did the pandemic affect the physical security landscape? Have you noticed any new security issues arise as a result?

We have seen that during the pandemic, the demand for smart access control solutions skyrocketed. Because our solutions offer the functionality of opening doors with your phone, there is no need for physical contact. In combination with SALTO’s ‘BioCote locks’ equipped with antimicrobial coated technology, businesses can ensure a germ-free customer experience offering the greatest feature of all – peace of mind.

Additionally, there is an audit trail available that can show who went into which room in real-time, so it becomes easier to trace where someone got infected and when. This allows a space operator or manager, for instance, to contact everyone that might have been exposed to the virus.

What are the most common ways threat actors use in an attempt to bypass various access control measures?

We are keeping strict measures regarding our servers and firewalls and avoid being attractive to threat actors. The most common ways are trying to steal credentials from one of our end-users or use automatic scanners where they don't target SALTO KS specifically, they use a ‘crawler’ and see whatever they find.

What physical security measures would you consider essential for organizations nowadays?

Have a great open-source password management service in place.

What other aspects of our daily lives do you hope to see enhanced by technology in the near future?

It seems far-fetched but access control solutions like SALTO KS have the ability to help with important societal problems, for instance fighting off loneliness. Especially in elderly care, it can help families to get more insight on how many visits an older member of the family gets, for instance, to make sure there will be someone visiting every day. This can be an extra service that healthcare organizations could provide, tracking their employees and offering families some comfort. If a caregiver loses a smartphone or security credential, its access permission can be revoked instantly, maintaining peace of mind and saving costly lock replacements.

Our daily lives will change for the better a lot in the upcoming years, and these changes will be all related to technology.

What are some of the security tools you believe everyone should use nowadays?

SALTO KS offers a Digital Key which enables users to ‘tap’ doors open with their phone. It’s a feature that is equally as cool as it is secure, and in my opinion, it's also something that no business can live without.

Share with us, what’s next for SALTO?

Besides being one of the largest lock manufacturers out there, SALTO aspires to be one of the largest ACaaS companies too. By offering cloud-based access control solutions such as SALTO KS they are well on their way. Keep an eye out for more cool features and products by following us on LinkedIn and Instagram.