Michael Shen, Skill Success: “the key to learning a new skill is starting small and gradually building momentum”

Education is undergoing a seismic shift, and eLearning is the force driving this transformation.

With the widespread availability of internet access, the convenience of online streaming, and VPNs to provide an extra layer of security, traditional classrooms are no longer the sole venue for acquiring knowledge.

eLearning, characterized by its flexibility and accessibility, has opened new doors for learners worldwide. This transformative approach to education breaks down geographical barriers, enables self-paced learning, and provides an interactive and engaging learning experience.

To learn more about how eLearning is transforming the fundamentals of the education system as we know it, we sat down with Michael Shen, CEO and Founder of Skill Success – an eLearning platform with 4,000+ on-demand courses, providing flexible learning options and certificates of completion.

Tell us more about your story. What inspired you to create Skill Success?

During my college years, I faced difficulties in finding educational resources to gain knowledge about digital marketing. My marketing courses mainly focused on theories and fundamental concepts but lacked practical application of digital marketing. Consequently, I had to resort to online courses to learn those skills. This made me realize the need for easily accessible on-demand courses for learning any subject.

The idea of Skill Success was born. I started out by hiring experts to help them create online courses and eventually merged everything into a single eLearning platform. The foundation of our goal has evolved to include our capacity to offer accessible education in practically any field. These days, everyone may (nearly) instantly master any talent they desire.

Can you introduce us to your learning platform? What are its key features?

  • Skill Success is an eLearning streaming platform similar to Netflix that offers over 4,000 online courses for professional and personal development.
  • All our courses are available 24/7 on demand and video based.
  • All courses come with certificates of completion.

What are the most popular courses on your platform at the moment?

Languages, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Lifestyle, Hobbies, Music, Finance, and Project Management courses.

What do you think are the biggest advantages of online learning?

  • It provides flexibility to people to learn on a schedule that works for them
  • The ease and speed of learning any skill you want, as you need them
  • The access to some of the best teachers that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you

In your opinion, what are some of the biggest mistakes teachers and institutions make when it comes to online learning?

Not moving fast enough when it comes to topics. In today's rapidly evolving world, it is important to keep our skills up-to-date to stay competitive.

Failing to keep pace with current trends and advancements can lead to falling behind in our professional and personal lives.

What advice would you give to someone looking to learn a new skill?

Taking small steps can be an effective way to start learning something new. Instead of overwhelming yourself with a complex learning plan, you can begin by watching a few videos or tutorials to gauge your interest.

By making learning a manageable and accessible task, you can develop a consistent habit of learning that can be expanded upon over time. The key is to start small and build momentum gradually.

In the age of online learning, what would you consider the essential security measures institutions should implement?

The personal information of students, it is important to provide them with fundamental cybersecurity knowledge to prevent potential breaches.

Since the education sector is your main field of focus, how do you think this industry is going to evolve in the upcoming years?

I believe education will become more personalized for each learner. Imagine a world where the content, format, and style all match the individual learning to help them optimize their outcomes.

And finally, would you like to share what’s next for Skill Success?

We are thrilled to maintain our commitment to providing the most cost-effective streaming service with exceptional content quality, enabling everyone to acquire the desired skills.