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Peter Berry, Navisite: “cybersecurity has been top of mind for companies in recent years”

The pandemic has cultivated the adoption of remote working that posed new challenges to businesses, such as cybersecurity. Work-from-home policies and employees using personal devices and networks have created enormous security gaps and cybercriminals are actively exploiting them for malicious purposes.

Enterprises employ professional security tools as well as train their employees for potential attacks to improve their cybersecurity posture. However, the latest malware variants are so advanced and sophisticated that the numbers of successful attacks are only growing.

For this reason, we talked with Peter Berry, the CTO of Cloud Technologies at Navisite – a company that specializes in cloud security. Berry explained how effective Cloud solutions can improve enterprise security and mitigate the potential risks.

What was your journey like since your start in 1996? How did it all begin?

Navisite spent the last two decades expanding our portfolio of services to support the digital transformation needs of mid-market and smaller enterprise companies. Through our highly specialized teams, industry solutions, business process expertise, and application services, we provide the capabilities and practical guidance customers need to modernize, build, and support more agile and resilient businesses. Our strategic advisory and transformation services advance innovation with comprehensive cloud, enterprise application, data management, intelligent automation, and cybersecurity solutions.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do? What features make Navisite stand out?

Navisite provides the people, skills, solutions, global capabilities, and public cloud expertise to help businesses navigate change and accelerate transformation across every part of the technology stack – from cloud migration and management to infrastructure, enterprise application, data management, and cybersecurity services. We also have strategic partnerships with the leading technology and cloud providers, and we’re an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Azure Expert MSP, and Google Cloud Partner.

What are the most common challenges that organizations run into on their digital transformation journey?

A common challenge is around a company’s most complex, mission-critical workloads. Enterprise applications tend to be tied to core revenue-generating processes and are fundamental to how companies do business. Yet, these applications have often sat in data centers for years and might be highly customized and difficult to manage, accumulating technical debt.

Through Navisite’s highly specialized teams, industry solutions, business process expertise, and application services, we help companies overcome these barriers and modernize legacy infrastructure, adopt new digital strategies, and move their businesses forward.

Do you think the pandemic influenced the way people perceive cybersecurity?

From the onset of the pandemic, bad actors took advantage of the situation to launch their cyberattacks as companies pivoted their businesses, moved to the cloud, and adjusted to remote work models. While cybersecurity has been top of mind for companies in recent years, the pandemic has certainly highlighted the importance of a strong security strategy – and companies are prioritizing it.

What does the growing popularity of cloud solutions mean for threat actors? Will it be more challenging to carry out cyberattacks?

Threat actors will always find a way to infiltrate companies, but cloud security has significantly advanced in recent years. In many cases, the cloud offers a more secure environment, as cloud providers are continually investing in and improving security tooling and infrastructure. This is not always true for companies managing on-premises infrastructure amid a cybersecurity skills shortage and resource constraints.

You have been successfully providing cloud services for more than two decades. What are the main changes you have witnessed throughout the years in this industry?

We’ve seen continued growth and adoption of the cloud over the years, which has accelerated since the start of the pandemic. Most significantly, we’re seeing companies move more of their IT estate to the cloud, especially core enterprise applications, to fully benefit from digital transformation. With more of their business in the cloud, companies are also looking at strategies to better optimize cloud infrastructure and control costs.

Many companies have chosen cloud solutions as a cybersecurity upgrade, but is it truly a “one-size-fits-all” solution? Are there any details that might be overlooked?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Moving to the cloud does require a change in mindset from traditional on-premise security approaches and a foundational understanding of key concepts and rules in the cloud. Without understanding the intricacies and nuances of operating in cloud environments, organizations can introduce unnecessary risk and not fully benefit from all the cloud has to offer.

Besides adopting managed cloud services, what other security measures do you think are essential for businesses nowadays?

One of the biggest challenges is the ongoing cybersecurity skills shortage and this extends to the highest levels of an organization. Recent Navisite research found that nearly half of companies surveyed don’t employ a CISO/CSO. Of this group, 58% think their company should hire one. Companies value and want cybersecurity leadership, but it is difficult to find and retain these individuals.

One of the ways Navisite helps companies overcome this challenge is through our Virtual CISO (vCISO) offering. The service provides companies with on-demand access to cybersecurity leadership, guidance, and expertise to defend against new and evolving threats – removing the skills, as well as resource and budget constraints that hold them back from building and maintaining a strong security posture.

What does the future hold for Navisite?

Navisite will continue to focus on our mission as a trusted digital transformation partner for mid-market and smaller enterprise companies, helping them navigate change and build more agile, resilient businesses with strategic advisory and transformation services.

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