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Stefan Chekanov, Brosix: technologies are built to help people

Messaging platforms have become a vital communication tool and a huge part of our personal and now professional lives. However, they’ve also been of interest to cyber criminals, lurking around and waiting for a perfect moment to strike,

From skyping with your family on the other side of the world to holding online work meetings, messaging platforms have come in handy for everyone. We’ve gotten comfortable with sharing personal details and discussing sensitive matters via such tools, which makes it even more worrisome as to what would happen if this information ended up in the wrong hands.

Now more than ever, it’s important to understand what makes up a secure communication platform and opt for the ones that offer appropriate data protection policies in place.

Stefan Chekanov, the co-founder and CEO of Brosix Instant Messenger, an IM service focused on providing businesses with secure private IM networks, shared what threats messaging platforms face nowadays and about the stance Brosix has taken in providing a secure communication tool.

What sets Brosix apart from other messaging platforms?

Brosix is a powerful instant messaging platform designed with team communication in mind. Brosix gives its clients a fully administrable private team network, which provides an exclusive and secure collaboration space. Clients control who is added or removed from the network and can easily manage users through a range of administrative features.

Brosix comes with a package of unique features and tools aimed at boosting team collaboration and streamlining communication. From a range of chat options to screen-sharing and unlimited file transfers, Brosix is designed with the modern work environment in mind. This makes it an excellent solution for enterprises looking to improve their productivity.

Your customers call your platform both user-friendly and secure. How do you achieve the balance between the two?

At Brosix, security is a top priority. By taking a comprehensive approach to security through end-to-end encryption on all communication channels, Brosix keeps all communications completely private and worry-free.

Brosix provides multiple features aimed at increasing team collaboration, facilitating network administration, and ensuring a smooth user experience. We also continuously strive to update and expand our features based on user feedback.

What, in your view, is the most significant cybersecurity challenge facing messaging platforms today?

Encryption of communication channels, password protections, and all other technological cybersecurity tools are helpful and make the workday of people more productive. However, the most significant challenges are people's distractions and lack of focus. That’s why using consumer messaging systems for business operations opens huge holes in cybersecurity. For example, a simple distraction, and the file you wanted to send to a colleague might be sent to a person outside of your organization.

Which features have you implemented to ensure that your users’ data is secure?

Brosix has customers located throughout the world, with a variety of security needs. These people use the service for marketing, sales, customer support, training, and more. Some Brosix customers must meet intense regulations, such as HIPAA and SAS-70. By using Brosix, they’re able to meet all regulatory requirements and secure their data.

Since day one, Brosix has ensured that its product meets the most advanced corporate cybersecurity requirements. Also, Brosix continues to devote a high level of resources to data security in regards to the design of its products and the development and maintenance of its systems.

According to Thycotic Secret Server, hackers believe that “humans are the most responsible for security breaches.” Do you agree?

Absolutely. Technologies are built to help people. That’s why there is at least one man who has full control over the system and can switch its security off. And this is true for all systems.

What could users do themselves to keep their personal information safe from prying eyes?

Use the proper tools that provide automatic and invisible data protection without the need to do any special routine in order to protect the data.

Give a few tips: if remote work is here to stay, what should companies focus on to maintain productive and secure operations?

Remote work has already been here for a while. That’s why we started Brosix 16 years ago because we saw the need for such a tool in our own business operations.

My suggestion is to focus on the business and use the proper tools to automate communication. And not just automate the way people communicate, but also automatically encrypt and protect company data while in transit. This will allow people to focus on their tasks and not think about security measures and precautions. Which will lead to less security breaches and increased productivity.

Which company achievement are you most proud of?

The fact that Brosix never sleeps. We have customers all around the globe. This is both a technological and cultural challenge. It’s challenging to make the systems operate 24/7 and plan updates in a way not to disrupt anyone's workday. It’s also challenging to provide a service to people from so many different cultures.

Finally, share with us: what is next for Brosix?

We are preparing several new services that will be of great benefit to our users. We are constantly looking to identify new opportunities to offer more helpful services.

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