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Yu Tao, EaseUS: “working from home poses threats to enterprise-level data security”

Cyberattacks have always been a common occurrence. Yet, with Covid-19 forcing everyone to work from home, the risks to enterprise-level data security drastically increased.

For cyber felons, data has become a valuable currency, making organizations vulnerable if no security measures are implemented. While regular users can use data encryption tools such as a VPN, companies can make use of more complex tools, such as physical data storage and backups, to ensure high-quality cybersecurity.

To discuss data protection and cybersecurity for companies, we invited Yu Tao, the CMO of EaseUS Software – a company that offers data management software tools, among which the data recovery, partition managing, and backup software are their core products.

Tell us about your journey since 2004. How did the idea of EaseUS originate?

Back in 2004, the founder of EaseUS Software, Liu Jien who had majored in medicine at University, developed a recovery tool under DOS as a passion. He won an award for it which was issued by a magazine that wrote a piece on selling software in overseas markets. It inspired him to sell the software online to foreign countries. Then, the site ptdd.com was founded, which is now easeus.com. That’s basically how EaseUS was born.

After the success of the DOS data recovery tool, a Windows version was made, then, EaseUS Partition Manager and EaseUS Todo Backup Home, which mainly focus on data management. In recent years, a lot of utilities were developed when we detected the need. Now, it extends to various multimedia products, including video editing and audio editing tools.

At the moment, EaseUS has a wide variety of products, and there will be more to come. EaseUS wants to bring users easy and simple to use software from the very beginning. So, the idea is quite natural.

Can you tell us about your work? What are the main problems you help solve?

My main job is to make more people find us, try our products, and finally solve their issues. The main challenges can be keeping the paid users satisfied with our products at all times and exploring the markets to get more users, meanwhile expanding our products category to keep the sales increase rate.

What are some of the key changes you have witnessed in data security throughout the years?

More attention is paid to privacy protection and data security. As a result, backups perform a normal part of more and more people’s daily and professional life.

Have you noticed any new threats emerge as a result of the recent global events?

Working from home has become a common state for many people since the outbreak of Covid-19. It poses threats to productivity and enterprise-level data security.

As more organizations are making the switch to cloud solutions, what are the advantages of physical data storage over storing data in the cloud?

The principal advantage lies in privacy and security. Cloud storage service is held by a third-party company, thus security can always be an issue. Even big companies like DropBox have leaked customer data before. Physical data storage doesn’t have such risk because the admin has complete control of the data. That’s why many companies still store data physically together with backup software even though it’s quite costly.

In your opinion, what are the biggest mistakes companies make when it comes to handling sensitive data?

Lack of an overall backup strategy. Most companies realized the importance of data backup. However, they don’t have a systematic backup solution, which can still cause data loss or recovery difficulty since there are a lot of cases that can lead to an unwanted situation, like hardware destruction, software malfunction, virus attack, etc. A comprehensive data backup solution will make the recovery process smooth and quick.

Besides quality data backup and recovery solutions, what other security measures do you think should be adopted by every modern company?

Essential Firewall and antivirus settings. It’s simple but many companies haven’t actually equipped their data with such basic measures.

As for individual users, what personal cybersecurity tools do you think everyone should invest in?

It must be backup tools – physical or cloud backup.

Tell us, what’s next for EaseUS?

EaseUS is going to be a provider of software not only for data management but also for both productivity and creativity.

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