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How to watch 2024 NFL online: 3 tried & tested methods

The 2024 NFL season kicks off on September 5, and devoted fans actively search for the best platforms to watch their favorite teams compete.

Luckily, there are at least 3 reliable ways to stream the NFL online in 2024. However, you must utilize a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to watch NFL games online, regardless of location. That’s because many online broadcasters employ blackouts and geographical restrictions.

But no need to worry because this article has all the information you need to watch the NFL online anywhere. Read on to learn about the best VPNs and NFL streams in 2024.

How to watch 2024 NFL online in 4 steps

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  1. Purchase a VPN service optimized for streaming sports. Our winning choice is NordVPN, available for 72% OFF
  2. Download the VPN app and connect to a server in the USA
  3. Open a suitable NFL online streaming service, such as YouTube TV or Paramount+
  4. Watch the NFL online anywhere!

How to watch NFL online: 3 options in 2024

Fans can stream the NFL online using the following 3 methods:

  1. Official NFL websites
  2. TV channels
  3. Unofficial online streaming sites

Each approach has its positives and negatives, a summary of which is available in the table below.

Streaming optionsOfficial platformsTV channelsUnofficial sites
✔️Many options
✔️Bonus content
✔️High-quality video
✔️Many options
✔️High-quality video
✔️Works without internet connection
❌Geographical restrictions
❌Requires internet connection
❌May lag (depends on your ISP)
❌Geographical and broadcast restrictions
❌Requires cable
❌Prone to blackouts
❌Limited to your home TV
❌May include ads
❌Ad supported
❌Copyright infringement issues
❌Low-quality video
❌Geographical restrictions
❌May include malware
ExamplesNFL+, NFL Game Pass, YouTube TV, Paramount+, Fubo, Hulu + Live TVABC, CBS, FOX Sports, NBC, NFL Network, ESPNNFLBite, 7Plus

As you can see, there are many aspects to consider when choosing your means of watching the NFL online. We, of course, recommend the #1 option because it’s legitimate, reliable, and versatile.

However, some fans may find this option limiting due to geographical restrictions. Thankfully, you can easily remedy geo-blocking with a high-quality VPN for sports. But first, let’s dive deeper into the details surrounding your NFL-viewing options.

1. Watch NFL on official websites and platforms

Streaming services/ channelsWhat NFL-related channels does it offer?Any special NFL content?Where is it available?Free trialSubscription price
YouTube TVABC, CBS, FOX Sports, NBC, NFL Network, ESPN for in-market gamesSunday Ticket (OOM Games), RedZoneUSA-only, the games you see will vary state by stateYes, 14-dayRegular subscription – $57.99/month for your first 3 months, $72.99/month after
NFL Sunday Ticket Full package – $179 for the season
Paramount+CBS for in-market gamesUSA-only for TV channels, the games you see will vary state by stateYes, 7-dayParamount+ Essential – $5.99/month
COXABC, CBS, NBC, FOX Sports, ESPN, NBCNFL Network and NFL RedZone (Sports package 2)In certain US states, the content you see will varyCOX Contour TV Starter – $61.00/month
Sports Package 2 – +$10.00/month
DirecTVESPN, FOX Sports for in-market gamesNFL Network and NFL RedZone (Sports pack)USA-only for TV channels, the games you see will vary state by stateYes, 5-dayDirecTV entertainment – $69.99/month
Sports pack – +$13.99/month
FuboCBS, ESPN, FOX Sports, NFL Network for in-market gamesNFL RedZone (Sports Plus pack)US, Spain, and CanadaYes, 7-dayFubo Pro – $74.99/month
Sports Plus – +$10.99/month
Hulu + Live TVABC, CBS, FOX Sports, NBC, NFL Network, ESPN for in-market gamesNFL RedZone (Sports add-on)USA-only for TV channels, the games you see will vary state by stateRegular subscription – $75.99/month
Sports add-on – +$9.99/month
Sling TVESPN, FOX, NBCNFL Network, RedZoneUSA-only for TV channels, the games you see will vary state by stateSling Orange – $40.00/month
Sling Blue – $45.00/month
Sling Sports Extra – +$11.00/month
Amazon Prime VideoThursday Night FootballSpecifically for Thursday's OOM gamesGlobally, you can easily change locationYes, 30-dayPrime Video Subscription – $14.99/month
NFL+OOM pre-season games. Local prime-time games. Available only on phones and tablets. OOM games are only 24 hours after the gameUSA onlyYes, 7-dayNFL+ Standard – $4.99/month
NFL+ Premium – $9.99/month
NFL Game PassRegular games, preseason, Super Bowl, etc.Gives you everything connected with the NFL seasonBasically, everywhere except the USYes, 7-dayFull season prices:
Brazil – $73.34
Mexico – $147.44
Japan – $172.52
UK – $141.45

Unsurprisingly, official NFL streaming services are the best way to watch American football. You’ll have unlimited access to NFL live streams, past match recordings, and bonus content like post-game discussions and documentaries. Most importantly, you can tune in using any internet-connected device, including computers, mobile phones, smart TVs, and portable streaming sticks like the Amazon Fire Stick.

However, this method is by no means perfect. For starters, the immense variety of service options makes it challenging to find one befitting your needs. They all vary in price, benefits, limitations, and geographical restrictions.

Crucially, many are exclusive to the US and further limited based on state. Meanwhile, NFL Game Pass is available worldwide except in America, and its price varies by country.

2. Watch NFL on TV

ChannelWhat’s available
CBSIn-market games
ABCMonday Night Football
FOXIn-market games
NBCSunday Night Football
ESPNMonday Night Football
ESPN2Monday Night Football
ESPN DeportesMonday Night Football in Spanish
Fox DeportesThursday Night Football in Spanish
TelemundoSunday Night Football in Spanish
UniversoSunday Night Football in Spanish

Some may say nothing beats the old-school way of watching the NFL – using your local cable TV provider. You can easily access in-market games through various channels available in your state. Plus, you don’t have to worry about internet connectivity issues causing stuttering or downtime.

Unsurprisingly, most people are well aware of the issues surrounding cable TV. For starters, prices are incredibly high because you can only purchase packages with hundreds of channels included. You must also deal with various terms and conditions imposed by service providers in your area. Moreover, you usually have to pay extra for sports-centered broadcasts.

The most egregious drawback of TV channels by far, compared to online streaming, is that you can’t watch out-of-market NFL games using a VPN. In fact, you can’t bypass any geographical restrictions and are left at the mercy of broadcasters with their distribution limitations.

3. Watch NFL online on streaming sites

PlatformWhat’s availableCons
7PlusLegitimate playoff coverageExclusive to Australia
NFLBiteNFL live streamsUnlicensed, contains pop-up ads
DaddyLiveTVNFL live streamsUnlicensed, contains pop-up ads
Live Soccer TVSome NFL coverageUnverified streams centered on other sports
SportsSurgeNFL and other sports streamsRedirects to unverified streams

The final and most contentious option is watching the NFL online using free streaming sites. As the name suggests, their most appealing feature is no-cost access. On the other hand, this perk comes with immense risks and drawbacks.

Firstly, the most significant drawback of such sites is their dubious legal status. Many of them provide unlicensed NFL streams, which means visiting these pages could cause legal trouble, such as copyright infringement letters from your ISP. Alternatively, the authorities could take down these pages at any moment. In any case, you’ll greatly benefit from changing your IP address and encrypting your activities with a VPN.

This rule has some exceptions, such as the legitimate 7Plus NFL streaming site. However, this service illustrates another glaring issue – geographical restrictions. 7Plus is exclusively available in Australia, making it impossible to reach from elsewhere. Unless, of course, you have a VPN with servers in Australia.

Moreover, since these services are free, they bombard visitors with pop-up ads to earn revenue for maintaining the site. Naturally, you can easily solve this problem with a high-quality ad blocker. Unfortunately, it won’t help if the NFL stream is laggy and low quality.

Maximize your NFL experience with a VPN
Use an excellent VPN for streaming sports to unlock out-of-market NFL matches at an affordable price. NordVPN offers thousands of servers across various US states to bypass pesky blackouts and other geographical restrictions. Plus, it provides market-leading speeds to ensure lag-free streaming.
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Can I stream NFL online for free?

Yes, there are two ways to stream NFL online for free.

The first and most obvious one is using the free online streaming services we mentioned previously. However, this approach is not recommended due to its legal and security issues. After all, the online ads on such web pages can be both annoying and dangerous if they’re riddled with malware. At the very least, you should employ a secure VPN to mask your IP address and to deal with any ads or viruses that come your way.

The second option is more trustworthy yet has some drawbacks, too. It involves taking advantage of legitimate NFL streaming site free trials. Unsurprisingly, this method is only temporary because such offers are typically time-limited. Example streaming services with free trials include NFL+, Hulu, and Fubo.

You’ll notice that these services are US-exclusive, meaning you can’t test them abroad. Thankfully, you can also snag a free trial VPN to remedy this issue. We especially recommend NordVPN because of its abundance of US servers, lightning-fast speeds, and reliable security measures.

How to stream NFL games online for free safely with a VPN

You’ll need a VPN regardless of which method you choose for watching the NFL for free. Follow the guide below, and you’ll enjoy American football in no time.

  1. Pick a suitable VPN for the NFL that offers a free trial or money-back guarantee. Our top pick is NordVPN
  2. Visit the provider’s website to claim the offer. You’ll find NordVPN’s 7-day free trial on the Google Play Store NordVPN website
  3. Install the VPN on your device and connect to a server in the US or wherever the streaming service is available nordvpn-servers-map-view
  4. Go to a free streaming service of your choice. You can try NFLBite for a completely free experience. Or, use the NFL+ 7-day free trial NFLBite website
  5. Stream NFL online for free anywhere and securely!

Why it’s worth watching NFL online with a VPN

It’s difficult to overstate the various benefits a VPN brings to NFL fans and pretty much anyone using the internet. For now, let’s focus on American football lovers.

First and foremost, a VPN allows you to change your IP address and location. This simple trick lets you bypass geographical restrictions on countless streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+, and more. Thus, you can easily watch all NFL matches without crossing state lines in real life.

A VPN is also an essential cybersecurity tool, thanks to its encryption capabilities. The software makes your online activities unreadable to your ISP and other unwelcome onlookers. That means you won’t run into trouble if the free NFL stream you’re checking out happens to be unlicensed. Plus, a security-focused VPN will protect you from malicious ads, nosy trackers, and various viruses common on such sites.


The ways to watch the NFL in 2024 can be boiled down to three methods – official streaming services, cable TV channels, and unofficial alternatives. Our favorite option is official online streaming services because sports fans can combine them with VPNs, such as NordVPN, to remove bothersome geo-blocking.

Watching the NFL on TV is a time-honored tradition, but it can’t be improved by using VPNs to bypass blackouts and other broadcast restrictions. Finally, a VPN is crucial for protection if you want to delve into unofficial NFL online streams.

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