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How to watch the FIFA Club World Cup live from anywhere in 2023

As we’re heading toward the end of 2023, we’re coming closer to the FIFA World Cup 2023. Unfortunately, not all countries gain the broadcasting rights to show football matches. So, the question stands still – how can you watch FIFA Club World Cup 2023 matches from anywhere?

There’s an easy workaround to stream the matches where it’s not available – a strong VPN. More precisely, a VPN lets you change your virtual location by selecting a server in a country where all matches are broadcast live. This is because the VPN grants you a dedicated IP address and encrypts your traffic, maintaining your online privacy and security.

Therefore, in this article, we provide you with a detailed guide on how and where to watch FIFA Club World Cup 2023. Along with these main points, you’ll learn a few other tips and tricks.

How to watch the FIFA Club World Cup with a VPN?

FIFA Club World Cup
  1. Subscribe to a VPN with a huge server fleet. Our recommendation is NordVPN
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your preferred device
  3. Connect to a server in a country that is licensed to show all football matches (UK)
  4. Select a streaming platform and create an account or sign in
  5. Wait for the football match to begin, and cheer for your favorite team!

Why do you need a VPN to watch the FIFA Club World Cup live?

The FIFA Club World Cup will begin in Saudi Arabia on December 12, 2023, and will run till December 22, 2023, which means the run for the trophy is closer than you might think. However, some countries won’t show the matches because of different licensing agreements, distribution rights, and copyright laws.

The streaming platforms and channels that have the rights to show the whole FIFA Club World Cup are BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub in the UK and Fox Sports or Peacock Premium in the US. Unfortunately, these platforms are geo-restricted to their respective regions, which means you still can’t access them if you’re not a UK or US resident. You will only encounter an error message:

FOX Sport video Geoblocking

Thanks to the numerous reliable VPN services on the market, you can choose the one that fits all of your needs and easily bypass these geo-restrictions. In other words, the VPN will allow you to change your location to the US or the UK and watch all matches or just the ones where your favorite team plays.

Best VPNs to watch the FIFA Club World Cup 2023 online

To watch the FIFA Club World Cup unblocked live from wherever you are, we tested a few VPN providers and listed the most suitable ones. Therefore, we found the VPNs with most servers in the countries where the Cup will be available, fast speeds, and incredible streaming capabilities. Here are the best picks:

Where can I watch the FIFA Club World Cup online?

The FIFA Club World Cup 2023 will present teams from all over the world competing for the trophy. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that many streaming services and sports channels will broadcast the matches. However, as not all countries get the license, you must wonder: where can I watch the FIFA Club World Cup?

We put together a list of the streaming services that will broadcast all football matches. On top of that, we’ve also provided the regions where you can access those platforms and their price. Let’s have a look:

Streaming serviceLocationCost
BBC iPlayerThe UKFree
DirecTVThe US$64.99/month
fuboTVThe US$69.99/month
Hulu+ Live TVThe US$68.99/month
ITV HubThe UKFree
Peacock PremiumThe UK$9.99/month
Sling TVThe US$35.00/month
YouTube TVThe US$64.99/month

How to watch the FIFA Club World Cup (final) live?

Stream FIFA Club World Cup 2023
Dates:December 12 - 22, 2023
Stream in the US:Fox Sports, Peacock
Stream anywhere:Get NordVPN – 69% OFF
Stream in the UK:BBC iPlayer

As we already established that you can’t watch the FIFA Club World Cup unblocked live everywhere, and you either need to live in a country with all broadcast rights or travel to such a country, we decided to provide a simple guide about streaming the football matches from your home country. In order to avoid traveling, you can just use a VPN.

But now, let’s see how to watch the FIFA World Cup live from the countries where it will be available!

Watch the FIFA Club World Cup in the USA

US residents will be able to watch every match from the FIFA Club World Cup 2023 on Peacock Premium or Fox Sports. Due to this, you can also stream it on DirecTV, Hulu+ Live TV, fuboTV, or Sling TV. Besides this, you can also enjoy the action on YouTube TV.

Watch the FIFA Club World Cup in the UK

In the UK, the Ofcom regulations allow TV channels to broadcast all the FIFA Club World Cup matches. However, BBC and ITV need to share all the rights for displaying the FIFA World Cup 2023, meaning you must have both channels in order to watch every match. If you have them, you can also stream the whole Cup on BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub.

Watch the FIFA Club World Cup in Australia

To watch the FIFA Club World Cup in Australia, you just need to have the SBS broadcaster. This channel shows all FIFA World Cup games in Australia, and it doesn’t cost a penny. Therefore, you just need to sit and relax and cheer for your team.

Watch the FIFA Club World Cup in Germany

Germany has two official TV channels that have all the broadcasting rights. Due to this, you can enjoy the FIFA Club World Cup 2023 on ZDF and ARD. What’s even better, they are both owned by the state, free to air, and have their own streaming services that allow you to watch the matches from absolutely everywhere.

How to watch the FIFA Club World Cup 2023 on your device

The good news is that you can watch the FIFA Club World Cup 2023 on any of your devices, no matter whether you want to access it on your smart TV, smartphone, streaming device, laptop, or tablet.

More so, the process is pretty easy and straightforward. The only difference from device to device may be in one or two additional steps. However, we decided to create a few step-by-step guides which will helpfully assist you in the process:

Watch the FIFA World Cup 2023 live on your PC (Windows or macOS)

You can watch all of the matches of the FIFA Club World Cup live unblocked on your laptop or PC. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Download and install a VPN app on your desktop device. Our top choice is NordVPN
  2. Select a country where all matches are available and connect to a server there
  3. Launch your preferred streaming service and log in
  4. Sit back and stream unblocked FIFA Club World Cup 2023!

Watch the FIFA World Cup 2023 live on your phone (Android or iOS)

If you want to stream the matches from everywhere while you’re on the go, we suggest checking out the steps below. All you need is your phone!

  1. Change your phone’s App Store’s location to a country with all football matches
  2. Download and install a VPN app on your smartphone. You can opt for NordVPN
  3. Set up a new Google account or Apple ID and pick another country as your new location
  4. Download the streaming platform you want to use from the Google Play Store or the App Store
  5. Open your phone and enjoy FIFA Club World Cup unblocked!

Watch the FIFA World Cup 2023 live on your smart TV

Watching the FIFA World Cup on a smart TV may be tricky because most smart TVs don’t support VPN services. However, we’ll show you one trick that will help you bypass these restrictions. You just need to connect the VPN to your router. But let’s see how this works:

  1. Download a VPN with many servers worldwide. We recommend NordVPN
  2. Connect to a server in a location where you can watch the FIFA World Cup
  3. Open up your Wi-Fi router’s admin and connect the VPN to it
  4. Download a streaming service on your smart TV (or open it if already downloaded), and sign in.
  5. Gather with your friends or family and watch all the football matches!

Is FIFA Club World Cup 2023 not working with a VPN?

If you’ve done the installation process of the VPN correctly and you still encounter an error message, don’t panic. This sometimes happens because of a few reasons. So, let’s explore them and see what we can do about them:

  • The streaming service might have detected your VPN
  • You might have chosen a server in the wrong location
  • Your actual IP address may be leaking
  • The browser cookies may unveil your location
  • The VPN may not be up-to-date

Luckily, you can fix all of this with simple actions. Here’s how to do that:

  • Choose a VPN with obfuscated servers
  • Carefully select your virtual location
  • Find a VPN that will encrypt your traffic and hide your location
  • Delete all cookies and cache
  • Check whether the VPN has the latest version
Stream the FIFA Club World Cup 2023 live
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If none of the above fixes work, it might be time to subscribe to a more secure VPN.

How to watch the FIFA World Cup 2023 online for free?

You can watch the FIFA World Cup 2023 on a few streaming services and TV channels, such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, and SBS. However, you must be a resident of the countries where these services are available.

While there are many free VPNs, we don’t recommend using them. So, the best solution would be to use a freemium VPN and unblock a free streaming platform. This is because free VPNs lack crucial security features, have low-quality servers, and may reveal your VPN usage and actual IP address.

Thanks to the freemium VPNs, you can either take advantage of its free version or free trial or use the 30-day money-back guarantee for a full refund once the FIFA World Cup is over. If you’re wondering which are those VPN providers, look at our list:

  • NordVPN. Has a huge server fleet both in the US and the UK, and offers excellent speeds and security. Comes with a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money refund.
  • Surfshark. This provider is known for its unlimited simultaneous connections, fast speeds, and generous server fleet (including the UK and US). Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 7-day trial.

The FIFA Club World Cup 2023 schedule

The FIFA Club World Cup starts on December 12, 2023, and it will end on December 22, 2023. But if you want to watch only particular matches, let’s have a look at the schedule:

First roundMatchTime
Dec 12Al Ittihad FC vs. Auckland City FC21:00
Second roundMatchTime
Dec 15Al Ahly FC vs. winner of Match 121:00
Dec 15Club León vs. Urawa Reds17:30
Dec 18Copa Libertadores champions vs. winner of Match 221:00
Dec 19
Winner of Match 3 vs. Manchester City
Play-off for third place and final
Dec 22Loser of Match 4 vs. Loser of Match 5 17:30
Dec 22
Winner of Match 4 vs. winner of Match 5

The FIFA Club World Cup is an annual international club football competition contested by the winners of the six continental confederations, as well as the host nation's league champion. The 2023 edition will be the 20th FIFA Club World Cup, and the first time the tournament will be hosted by Saudi Arabia.

The tournament is always a keenly contested event, and the 2023 edition is sure to be no exception.


The FIFA World Cup 2023 is around the corner. Unfortunately, some countries won’t be able to get a live broadcast. Therefore, we suggest you use a reliable VPN provider that will allow you to change your location and gain full access to different sports TV channels and streaming services.

Our top choice is NordVPN, thanks to its numerous servers in many countries (including the UK and US), incredible speeds, high-end security, and powerful streaming capabilities. So, don’t waste your time and make the right decision before the Cup begins.

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