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How to watch The Last of US online in 2023

The Last of Us is a series, all set in a post-apocalyptic world, which portrays the journey of characters Ellie and Joel as they navigate through the dangers and adventures of this new world. The first episode premiered on January 15th, and everyone's already waiting for the first season finale, which airs on Sunday, March 12th.

You can stream The Last of Us on HBO Max in the US, Crave in Canada, NOW in the UK, and a few other streaming platforms. Unfortunately, they are only available in specific locations and might not be available in your country.

But what if we told you that you could bypass these geo-restrictions and watch The Last from anywhere in the world? It’s possible with the help of a reliable VPN.

In this article, you’ll learn how to stream the series from different devices, and watch the show from anywhere in the world. We’ll provide you with a list of the best VPNs to watch The Last of Us.

How to watch The Last of Us with a VPN

  1. Pick a VPN with the US servers. We recommend NordVPN, now 68% OFF!
  2. Download and install the software.
  3. Connect to a server in the US.
  4. Sign in or create an HBO Max, Crave or other streaming service account.
  5. Search for The Last of Us, press play, and enjoy!

Why do you need a VPN to watch The Last of Us?

HBO Max is one of the most popular streaming platforms, where you can enjoy a good deal of TV shows, series, movies, and much more. However, if you live or stay outside the US and try to access HBO Max, you’ll bump into a message informing you that a platform is unavailable in your region.

Watch The Last of Us Online
Release date:January 15, 2023
Watch in the US: HBO Max (1st episode for free)
Watch anywhere:Get NordVPN – 68% OFF
Watch in Canada: Crave

It happens because streaming giants operate under strict copyright protection laws. HBO must get a green light from organizations that take care of copyright content in certain countries. If the platform doesn’t get a green light that can protect the copyright, then the provider cannot operate in that country.

We have good news – if you reside outside the US, not everything is lost. In such cases, a reliable VPN is your excellent assistance in bypassing geo-restrictions.

All you need to do is to pick the best VPN for your needs, sign up, connect to the US server, and start streaming The Last of Us. In this way, you can also access other unavailable shows in your current location. Also, VPN ensures you do it all securely and at good speeds!

Beware that it only works if you use a top-rated VPN. Look for providers that offer a large server fleet, have a broad global distribution, and can bypass geo-blocked content. Below, we compiled a list of the best VPNs to watch The Last of Us and unblock HBO Max.

Best VPNs to watch The Last of Us

You already know – your tool to watch The Last of Us is to use VPN. However, not all providers can unblock HBO Max. Therefore, you have to spend your money wisely and pick a VPN that can stream your desired platform.

We tested multiple VPNs to ease your process of picking the best for you to enjoy The Last of Us faultlessly. We narrowed down the list to 3 best VPNs that bypass geo-restrictions, unblock HBO Max, offer solid security, good speeds, and you won’t break the bank paying for them.

1. NordVPN – the best VPN to watch The Last of Us

NordVPN banner
🖥️Servers:5,800+ servers in 60 countries
🍿Streaming sites:Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more
📱Compatible with:Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV
🔥Coupons:NordVPN coupon 68% OFF

NordVPN is the best VPN for accessing HBO Max with a wide 5,800 selection of servers in 60 countries, including over 1970 servers distributed across the US. Hence, you won’t have any problem bypassing geo-restricted content.

It offers fast and high-quality streaming through the NordLynx protocol, which is one of the fastest protocols available. So, you’ll be able to enjoy The Last of Us without buffering or lagging. Additionally, its AES-256 encryption and kill switch feature guarantee secure streaming.

Prices start from only $3.19/month. And now you can save with the NordVPN discount coupon.

Find more details in an in-depth NordVPN review.

2. Surfshark – low-priced VPN to stream The Last of Us

Surfshark banner
3,200+ servers in 100 countries
🍿Streaming sites:
Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and more
📱Compatible with:
Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Amazon Fire TV
Surfshark coupon 82% OFF

For watching The Last of Us, Surfshark is an affordable and high-quality VPN with 3,200+ servers in 100 countries, including 600+ servers located in the US. It enables easy access to the series and unblocks other desired media.

Surfshark is recognized for its exceptional speed and security features, such as full data encryption with AES-265 cipher, a kill switch, and DNS leak protection.

It’s a budget-friendly VPN with prices starting at $2.30/month. By redeeming the Surfshark discount code, you can also save up to 82%.

Learn more about this VPN in the Surfshark review.


3. Atlas VPN – cheap VPN to unblock HBO Max

Atlas VPN SafeBrowse banner 1
🖥️Servers:1,000+ servers in 42 countries
🍿Streaming sites:Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube
📱Compatible with:Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
🔥Coupons:Atlas VPN coupon 85% OFF

You can’t go wrong by picking Atlas VPN for accessing The Last of Us online. Its 1,000+ servers in 42 countries allows easy access to geo-restricted streaming platforms. Among a number of servers, Atlas VPN also includes US servers in its freemium version.

Ir provides smooth streaming without buffering or lag. You can also stream securely because Atlas VPN uses AES-265 encryption and includes a kill switch which prevents data leaks.

It’s the cheapest VPN that can unblock HBO Max for you to enjoy The Last of Us, starting at $1.82/month. Atlas VPN discount coupon is currently available for an 85% discount.

Get more insights in the Atlas VPN review.

Where to stream The Last of Us

The Last of US is available on various streaming platforms around the world. In the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, you can watch the show on local Sky platforms. It’s also available on Disney+ Hotstar in India, Neon in New Zealand, Crave in Canada, and Binge in Australia.

If you’re not subscribed to such services or live in a different country, you should opt for HBO Max. The platform is only available in the US and specific Latin American, European, or the Caribbean regions.

Yet, travelers or those who reside outside the US can get a trustworthy VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions of HBO Max.

You can use the jump links below to learn how to unblock the streaming platform in a specific country or anywhere else:

Also, keep in mind that when choosing a service, you need to opt for a VPN for HBO Max specifically. It should be able to effortlessly unlock HBO Max and ensure excellent performance for a buffering-free experience. So keep on reading to see how to use your chosen VPN.

How to watch The Last of Us in the UK

In the UK, you can watch The Last of Us on Sky Atlantic’s streaming service NOW. If you’re not subscribed to Sky’s services, you can watch the show on HBO Max with the help of a VPN. Just follow this step-by-step guide to unblock the platform:

  1. Choose a VPN for streaming. We suggest NordVPN, now 68% OFF!
  2. Download the app and follow the installation instructions.
  3. Connect to a server in the US.
  4. Open HBO Max and start streaming!

How to watch The Last of Us in Australia

You can stream HBO content in Australia on BINGE. If you’re not subscribed to the service and want to unlock HBO Max instead, you’ll need to use a VPN. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it:

  1. Pick a VPN that can unblock HBO Max. Our top recommendation is NordVPN!
  2. Download and install the VPN app.
  3. Connect to a server in the US.
  4. Launch HBO Max and keep on binging!

How to watch The Last of Us season 1 from anywhere

To watch The Last of Us from any location around the globe, including Spain, India, or elsewhere, follow these easy steps:

  1. Download and install a VPN with servers in the US. NordVPN is a great option for that, now 68% OFF.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Connect to the US server.
  4. Head over to HBO Max website or app and create an account.
  5. Start streaming The Last of Us.

Watch The Last of Us on different devices

A VPN allows you to watch The Last of Us on a wide range of devices, including popular operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. If you want to watch it on a tablet, Smart TV, or a game console – VPN providers can easily bypass region restrictions on these devices.

However, the process of accessing HBO Max may differ depending on the device you use. To help, we've created thorough guides for accessing The Last of Us on HBO Max using a VPN on popular devices.

Watch The Last of Us on your PC

Setting up a VPN to stream The Last of Us from outside the US is straightforward on both Windows PC and Apple computers. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Download and install a reputable VPN. We suggest using NordVPN.
  2. Connect to the US server.
  3. Visit HBO Max, sign up, or create an account.
  4. Add PayPal as payment method.
  5. Find The Last of Us, press play, and enjoy the show.

Watch The Last of Us on Android

Most VPNs are compatible with Android smartphones. So, if you live or reside outside the US, unblocking The Last of Us on Android is easy with VPN. You just need to complete these simple steps:

  1. Register with a credible VPN and download the app. NordVPN is the best for that.
  2. Connect to the server in the US.
  3. Create a Google Account while using the VPN. Use an American address by picking a random one from Google Maps.
  4. Once you create the account, add a payment card or PayPal account.
  5. After adding a payment method, visit the Google Store, connect to your new account, and find the HBO Max app.
  6. Download the app and pay with Google Account.
  7. Find The Last of Us and start streaming.

Watch The Last of Us on iOS

iOS smartphones are no exception when it comes to accessing geo-restricted content. To watch The Last of Us on iOS, you need to:

  1. Find a trustworthy VPN provider and download the app. NordVPN is the best for that.
  2. Connect to the US server.
  3. Create a new Apple ID with an American phone number.
  4. After creating an account, add your payment card.
  5. After adding a payment method, visit the App Store.
  6. Find HBO Max, download it, and start watching The Last of Us.

Why can't I watch The Last of Us with a VPN

There are multiple methods to circumvent geo-restrictions. But there’s always a remaining possibility of bumping into an error message again. If this happens to you, make sure you’re connected to the server in the US. Otherwise, consult this list to determine the potential issue:

  • If HBO Max is blocked even with a VPN, then change your browser or simply clear cache, cookies, and other data that browsers collect.
  • If the issue persists, change VPN servers and tunneling protocols. Check for IP or DNS leaks.
  • Brave Browser can block content if the Widevine extension is off. If you don’t see a notification to enable it, go to the 3 lines menu at the upper right corner and click on Settings. Choose Extensions and enable Widevine.
  • Payment is usually the biggest issue. It can be challenging to register if you don’t have PayPal, a local debit or credit card.
  • If you have an issue accessing HBO Max on your phone, go to Apps & Notifications, and clear the HBO Max cache.
Watch HBO Max with NordVPN
You can easily unblock HBO Max and watch exclusive content with NordVPN. It has a massive server fleet, fast speeds, and intuitive apps for a buffer-free streaming experience.
cybernews® score
4.9 /5

If the issue persists, consider exploring the list of top VPNs for streaming and selecting a suitable option for unblocking HBO Max.

How to stream The Last of Us for free

Unfortunately, The Last of Us is only available on paid streaming platforms. The good news is that Sky made one episode available for free, and you can access it on YouTube without subscribing to any streaming services.

It’s a good option to see whether the show is for you and if you want to proceed with the VPN to bypass geo-restrictions on HBO Max.

If you like the series but want to experiment with VPN services, you can try out free VPNs. Although not paying for a provider and accessing desired content sounds great, we would recommend a paid VPN with a full-fledged feature suite.

For example, the paid version of NordVPN can do the job faultlessly and you don't compromise the security by choosing this VPN.


Free VPNs may not successfully unblock geo-restricted content. Even if they do, such an option can compromise your online security. Some free providers include fewer safety features, which can be detrimental to your security and anonymity.

Instead, you can opt for a freemium VPN. Usually, free versions are more restricted than their paid counterparts, with fewer safety features and the inability to unblock certain content. Nonetheless, you can try ProtonVPN or Atlas VPN, which provides decent security and can unblock HBO Max.

Alternatively, you could try a free trial of a paid VPN. We advise selecting VPNs that offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Upon expiration of the trial period, you'll be paying the following amounts for these providers:

  • NordVPN includes a colossal fleet of 5,800 servers in 60 countries, together with the best security available on the market. A full version price starts at just $3.19/month.
  • Surfshark – a VPN with great speeds and a fantastic price-to-quality ratio, costing from $2.30/month.
  • Atlas VPN – a freemium VPN with extra security features will cost you from $1.82/month.

The Last of Us release date

The 9-episode series, The Last of Us, premiered on HBO Max in the US in January 2023. Episodes are released every Sunday, with the 6th-9th episodes set to be released on February 19th, 26th, and March 5th, and the final episode on March 12th.

The Last of Us has been renewed for a second season. However, there is currently little information available about the upcoming season.


Although HBO Max has an impeccable library of legendary shows, The Last of Us is only available in the US. If you’re traveling or reside outside the US, it can feel like you won’t be able to watch this series, but a VPN is your secret weapon to bypass geo-restricted content.

All you need to do is to pick a reputable and reliable VPN that would offer a wide range of servers distributed across many countries.

Our top pick is NordVPN. It offers a colossal size of servers, with over 1970 servers located in the US. Next to top-notch security measures, this VPN is an excellent choice to unblock The Last of Us on HBO Max, despite your location.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you got what you’re looking for. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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