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How to watch Euro 2024 in USA for free

It’s nearly time for Europe’s biggest international football competition UEFA Euro 2024 to kick off again on June 14.

For a competition that only comes around every four years, it can be frustrating to miss out on the matches. Fortunately, there’s a way to watch the Euro 2024 matches from anywhere in the world. And better yet, you can watch them for free.

In this article, we’ll explain how you can use a VPN to catch every UEFA Euro 2024 game for free from anywhere in the world.

How to watch UEFA Euro 2024 in US for free

National TV channels in Europe will be broadcasting UEFA Euro 2024 matches for free. However, such TV channels are usually geo-restricted to their respective countries, meaning that you won’t be able to access them while abroad.

Fortunately, a reliable VPN can help you bypass all location restrictions and grant you access to your chosen TV channel. If you want to watch english stream we recommend to watch them on BBC iPlayer and ITV they are both free and share all Euro 2024 matches, but geo-restricted to UK. However you can use a VPN to watch Euros 2024 in USA on BBC iPlayer and ITV:

  1. Choose and download a reputable VPN service like NordVPN – now 72% OFF!
  2. Connect your VPN to a server in the country whose live stream you want to watch.
  3. Go to the website that will stream UEFA Euro. For streams in english go to BBC iPlayer or ITV. Both are available in UK.
  4. Find the UEFA Euro live stream.
  5. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the action completely free!

Where to watch UEFA Euro 2024 for free

There are plenty of services available for you to stream UEFA Euro 2024 for free. We’ve looked around to find the best free streams for this year’s tournament and collected them in the table below.

Streaming ServiceCountry
Servus TVAustria
BBC iPlayerUK

Keep in mind that these streaming services are geo-restricted to their respective countries and won’t be accessible from abroad.

uefa euro blocked

For example, BBC iPlayer is geo-restricted to the UK. So, to watch a match on this streaming service, you’ll need a VPN that has a server in the UK. You’ll then be able to bypass geo-blocking restrictions and start your stream.

If you can’t find the stream for a specific team, try accessing a broadcaster from their home country. For example, try looking for Italian matches on RAI or TV8.

Best Euro 2024 VPNs

The best VPN for watching UEFA Euro 2024 should be able to unblock a wide range of streaming services from anywhere in the world without compromising performance. Therefore, we looked at 42 VPN providers and evaluated them based on the number of servers they offer, their unblocking and streaming performance, and other factors. Our tests allowed us to pick the top 3 VPNs to stream UEFA Euro 2024:

Where to watch UEFA Euro 2024 in USA

If you’re in the United States, you can watch UEFA Euro 2024 on the FOX Sports TV channel. The streaming services provided in the table below all offer FOX Sports with their subscription plans.

Streaming ServicePriceFree TrialNeed a VPN?
Fubo$79.99/month7 daysYes, if you’re outside the US
Sling TV$40.00/monthNoYes, if you’re outside the US
DirectTV Stream$108.99/month5 daysYes, if you’re outside the US

Fubo has been a go-to sports streaming service for years now. They also have a 7-day free trial, which is great if you want to try them out before committing to their $79.99/month subscription.

If you’re traveling abroad and are already subscribed to one of these services, use a VPN to bypass geo-blocking restrictions.

Where to watch UEFA Euro 2024 for free in the US?

Unfortunately, there are no free streaming services in the US that will be streaming UEFA Euro 2024. However, BBC iPlayer will be streaming 20 out of 36 group matches, while the remaining 16 will be streamed on ITV. All matches will be broadcast in the English language.

While BBC iPlayer and ITV are free, these streaming services are geo-restricted to the UK only. Therefore, to access this streaming provider from the US, you’ll need a reliable VPN with servers in the UK.

UEFA Euro 2024 schedule

The UEFA Euro 2024 schedule is already mapped out. We’ve got the date set for each match all the way through to the finals.

The teams are divided into 6 groups. Teams will play each team in their group once during the group stages, which means we have three matchdays in total. The top two teams of each group will progress to the Round of 16.

We’ve got a table of the groups below so you can easily see which teams will face each other.


Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup F
GermanySpain SloveniaPolandBelgiumTurkey
Hungary ItalySerbiaAustriaRomaniaPortugal

Matchday 1

The UEFA Euro 2024 kicks off on Friday, June 14 with Germany vs. Scotland. After that, the action comes thick and fast, with three games per day in the group stages. Each day there will be a match at 15:00, 18:00, and 21:00 CET, so make sure to check your schedule and lock in your routine.

TeamsDate Time (CET)USA TimeLocationEnglish stream onResult
Germany vs. ScotlandFriday, June 1421:0015:00 (EDT), 12:00 (PDT)Munichitv.com5-1
Hungary vs. SwitzerlandSaturday, June 1515:0009:00 (EDT), 06:00 (PDT)Cologneitv.com1-3
Spain vs. CroatiaSaturday, June 1518:0012:00 (EDT), 09:00 (PDT)Berlinitv.com3-0
Italy vs. AlbaniaSaturday, June 1521:0015:00 (EDT), 12:00 (PDT)Dortmundbbciplayer.com2-1
Poland vs. NetherlandsSunday, June 1615:0009:00 (EDT), 06:00 (PDT)Hamburgbbciplayer.com1-2
Slovenia vs. DenmarkSunday, June 1618:0012:00 (EDT), 09:00 (PDT)Stuttgartitv.com1-1
Serbia vs. EnglandSunday, June 1621:0015:00 (EDT), 12:00 (PDT)Gelsenkirchenbbciplayer.com0-1
Romania vs. UkraineMonday, June 1715:0009:00 (EDT), 06:00 (PDT)Munichbbciplayer.com3-0
Belgium vs. SlovakiaMonday, June 1718:0012:00 (EDT), 09:00 (PDT)Frankfurtitv.com0-1
Austria vs. FranceMonday, June 1721:0015:00 (EDT), 12:00 (PDT)Düsseldorfitv.com0-1
Portugal vs. CzechiaTuesday, June 1818:0012:00 (EDT), 09:00 (PDT)Leipzigbbciplayer.com2-1
Turkey vs. GeorgiaTuesday, June 1821:0015:00 (EDT), 12:00 (PDT)Dortmundbbciplayer.com3-1

Matchday 2

TeamsDate Time (CET)USA TimeLocationEnglish stream onResult
Croatia vs. AlbaniaWednesday, June 1915:0009:00 (EDT), 06:00 (PDT)Hamburgitv.com2-2
Germany vs. HungaryWednesday, June 1918:00 12:00 (EDT), 09:00 (PDT)Stuttgartbbciplayer.com2-0
Scotland vs. SwitzerlandWednesday, June 1921:0015:00 (EDT), 12:00 (PDT)Colognebbciplayer.com1-1
Slovenia vs. SerbiaThursday, June 2015:0009:00 (EDT), 06:00 (PDT)Munichitv.com1-1
Denmark vs. EnglandThursday, June 2018:00 12:00 (EDT), 09:00 (PDT)Frankfurtbbciplayer.com1-1
Spain vs. ItalyThursday, June 2021:0015:00 (EDT), 12:00 (PDT)Gelsenkirchenitv.com1-0
Slovakia vs. UkraineFriday, June 2115:0009:00 (EDT), 06:00 (PDT)Düsseldorfbbciplayer.com
Poland vs. AustriaFriday, June 2118:00 12:00 (EDT), 09:00 (PDT)Berlin itv.com
Netherlands vs. FranceFriday, June 2121:0015:00 (EDT), 12:00 (PDT)Leipzigbbciplayer.com
Georgia vs. CzechiaSaturday, June 2215:0009:00 (EDT), 06:00 (PDT)Hamburgbbciplayer.com
Turkey vs. PortugalSaturday, June 2218:00 12:00 (EDT), 09:00 (PDT)Dortmunditv.com
Belgium vs. RomaniaSaturday, June 2221:0015:00 (EDT), 12:00 (PDT)Cologneitv.com

Matchday 3

TeamsDateTime (CET)USA TimeLocationEnglish stream on
Switzerland vs. GermanySunday, June 2321:0015:00 (EDT), 12:00 (PDT)Frankfurtbbciplayer.com
Scotland vs. HungarySunday, June 2321:0015:00 (EDT), 12:00 (PDT)Stuttgartbbciplayer.com
Croatia vs. ItalyMonday, June 2421:0015:00 (EDT), 12:00 (PDT)Leipzigbbciplayer.com
Albania vs. SpainMonday, June 2421:0015:00 (EDT), 12:00 (PDT)Düsseldorfbbciplayer.com
Netherlands vs. AustriaTuesday, June 2518:0012:00 (EDT), 09:00 (PDT)Berlinbbciplayer.com
France vs. PolandTuesday, June 2518:0012:00 (EDT), 09:00 (PDT)Dortmundbbciplayer.com
England vs. SloveniaTuesday, June 2521:0015:00 (EDT), 12:00 (PDT)Cologneitv.com
Denmark vs. SerbiaTuesday, June 2521:0015:00 (EDT), 12:00 (PDT)Munichitv.com
Slovakia vs. RomaniaWednesday, June 2618:0012:00 (EDT), 09:00 (PDT)Frankfurtbbciplayer.com
Ukraine vs. BelgiumWednesday, June 2618:0012:00 (EDT), 09:00 (PDT)Stuttgartbbciplayer.com
Czechia vs. TurkeyWednesday, June 2621:0015:00 (EDT), 12:00 (PDT)Hamburgitv.com
Georgia vs. Portugal Wednesday, June 2621:0015:00 (EDT), 12:00 (PDT)Gelsenkirchenitv.com

After the group stages, the tournament heads into the Round of 16, Quarterfinals, and Semi-finals and ends with the Finals on July 14.

The Round of 16 will start on June 29 and run through until the 2nd of July. The Quarterfinals will then be held on July 5th and 6th. The winners will progress to the Semi-finals on the 9th and 10th of July.

Final thoughts

This year’s UEFA Euro 2024 tournament is as exciting as ever. The teams have been hard at work preparing for this year’s showdown. The competition is stiff, and everyone wants to win the prestigious trophy.

You can watch the championship on national TV channels and some streaming services. If you experience any location restrictions, you can use a VPN to unblock the streams from wherever you are.


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