AI Steve wants to steal a seat in the British Parliament

English entrepreneur and chairman of the artificial intelligence (AI) company Neural Voice has created an AI avatar hoping to nab a seat in Parliament in the upcoming UK general election.

AI Steve is an artificial intelligence avatar that’s designed to give a voice to the English city of Brighton and Hove.

“He” has been placed on the list of candidates for the July election in Brighton Pavillion,” The Guardian reported.

The bot aims to allow people to leave their opinions and create policies 24 hours a day, every day.

People can talk with AI Steve via a portal on his website, powered by Neural Voice and subsequently powered by OpenAI.

Brighton and Hove residents can propose potential policies that could be included in the bot’s political policy.

On AI Steve’s website, the bot states that “all inputs are summarized and outputted into a software company called HubSpot so that they can be analyzed and turned into policies using OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

As AI Steve can’t physically participate in normal activities that accompany politics, such as attending meetings or making public appearances, Steve Endacott, the man that the AI is based on, will attend events and take responsibility for the things that AI Steve can’t do.

“Steve Endacott, a Sussex Entrepreneur, has created many of the initial policy ideas and will “physically” attend Parliament to vote on policies as guided by AI Steve’s feedback from his constituents,” the website reads.

The Guardian reported that AI Steve will run as an independent party because Endacott’s official party, Smarter UK, did not sign up in time for the election.

The party advocates for cheaper living costs, increasing taxation of Google and online realtors, practicing green policies, cutting university fees, supporting LGBTQ+ communities, and much more.

Endacott himself is described as a “capitalist with a socialist conscience” and a “practical “green” evangelist.”

According to AI Steve’s website, the bot “could become the “Founding Father” of how politics works in the future.”

“You have seen how we have created AI Steve. Think who else we could reform Government with our understanding of modern technology.”