Latest AirTag update received by all users due to wrong date format

The newest AirTag firmware, 2.0.73, became available for everyone after Apple entered the wrong data format in its deployment.

Just last week, Apple was preparing to release its latest AirTag firmware, which was supposed to take place in stages.

To make sure that the whole update process went smoothly, Apple decided to implement the update in different stages, with the last users to receive the update on April 9th.

However, instead of the planned staggered update, every AirTag was updated with the latest version, 2.0.73, on the same day.

The reason for this was reported by iSoftwareUpdates. It happened due to an error in the deployment dates.

Instead of entering it in the standard format of mm/dd/yyyy, the date was written as mm/dd/yy. This led to AirTags reading the date not as 2024 but as 24 and the entire batch of updates was released simultaneously.

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