Apple’s Vision Pro might not be the only device with air-gesturing

Air-gesturing, used to navigate the Vision Pro headset, may soon be available on other Apple products.

Apple has released a patent explaining how air-gesturing works in the case when an additional object is presented. The patent reveals that air gesturing would also be available for other devices such as iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.

One of the most significant features of Apple Vision Pro is that you can navigate its features using hand gestures.

Apple’s patent US 20240094825 explains how air-gesture recognition could work when another object is present.

The patent, released on March 21st of this year, includes drawings of how air gesturing would work with different devices.

Apple patent on air gesturing
Apple patent

According to the document, the device "may be, for example, a cell phone, a device worn by a user, such as a headset, or a separate freestanding device capable of scanning proximate area."

The main idea of the new patent is to make air-gesturing more precise. The provided example showed that a pinch gesture could be similar to a hand's position when it holds a pen, making the device react to gestures and make specific actions that the user didn't necessarily request.

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