Apple’s AirTag 2 possible release date revealed

Apple is already testing its AirTag 2 tracker.

The new version of Apple’s AirTag, an item tracker that syncs with other Apple devices, may come out in 2025.

“The product is scheduled to arrive around the middle of next year,” reports Bloomberg, which also revealed that Apple is already working on test runs with manufacturing partners in Asia.

The tracker was first released in April 2021, so the new AirTag is expected to be released at the same time next year.

AirTag 2 should come with “a better chip with improved location tracking.”

Apple’s tracking device was created to help people keep their items secure by letting them know where they are in case they get stolen or lost.

However, the device has become known for more nefarious reasons – it’s often associated with the number of instances in which AirTag was used to stalk people.