Apple is reportedly canceling the production of its FineWoven iPhone case

Apple has supposedly removed a line of its FineWoven cases for iPhones and Apple accessories, according to X user Kosutmai, a source who has accurately reported on Apple products in the past.

FineWoven cases were launched last year alongside the iPhone 15 and included cases for phones, AirTags Keyrings, and Apple Watch stripes.

The iPhone case, currently priced at around US$60 on the official Apple website, is described by the company as a “high-quality case” made from “durable micro-twill” material.

Apple claims that the accessories are made from 68 percent post-consumer recycled content, significantly reducing carbon emissions compared to leather. The company stopped using leather iPhone cases and Apple Watch stripes last year in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint.

However, many complained that the FineWoven fabric was far from durable. Users and reviewers reported scratches appearing on the case after contact with nails or keys when carried in pockets.

Now, Kosutami on X, formerly known as Twitter, states that Apple’s FineWoven product line has ceased production, and Apple will move on to a different material. Kosutami has a good track record for accurately revealing Apple leaks, which included images of the FineWoven accessories line.

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