Apple cancels development of autonomous car

After a 10-year-long effort, Apple is closing Project Titan, dedicated to developing Apple’s own autonomous vehicle.

Apple disclosed information about the project’s termination internally on Tuesday 27th, as first reported by Bloomberg.

Those familiar with the matter relayed the information regarding the project termination and did not want to be named, as the cancelation of Apple’s electronic vehicle was not public knowledge, per Bloomberg.

According to the sources, Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams and Vice President of Technology Kevin Lynch delivered the news to the roughly 2,000 individuals who had been working on the project.

Most of those who have been working on the autonomous vehicle, also known as the Special Projects Group (SPG), will be transferred to Apple’s artificial intelligence division, led by John Giannandrea, Bloomberg said.

However, many individuals may have to apply for separate roles within the company, and some may face layoffs, the number of which is still unknown.

The termination of this project marks the end of Apple’s multibillion-dollar effort to create its first autonomous vehicle, an exploit that could have launched the company into an entirely new industry, Bloomberg reports.

Electrical vehicle competitor and CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, reposted the news, captioning the post with a saluting emoji and a cigarette.

Project Titan was elusive and shrouded in mystery, with Apple reportedly starting work on its secret electric vehicle back in 2014.

It was rumored that the autonomous vehicle was set to be designed without a steering wheel or pedals.

The termination of Project Titan isn’t the first time that Apple has ditched the development of a product. The Apple TV device was abandoned in 2015, as was the all-in-one computer, Paladin.

Yet, Apple has seen success in recent months with the launch of the Apple Vision Pro, which graced the tech stage in February 2024.

The headset has made waves among users who have showcased it in public.

The Apple Vision Pro had its 15 minutes of fame in February and has captivated technology enthusiasts ever since.

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